October 19, 2023

Are you a fan of photography and curious about the person behind the lens? Look no further! Manfred Baumann will take you on a journey to explore the stunning landscapes of Canada and Northwestern United States.

With his keen eye for detail and unique perspective, Baumann captures with his words and photographs, the beauty and need-to-knows of a photography focused RV experience. So, grab your camera and your notebook and join us through this journey. Let's get started!

Why did you choose Canada and what was the reason for choosing to travel in an RV?

The trip was incredible, CanaDream’s service is unique. We love Canada. The reason for our trip was two projects, on the one hand we photographed for National Geographic and secondly I'm working on a new Leica exhibition and an illustrated book, the Wildon Buffalos/Bison!

Tell us a little bit about your itinerary? 

We drove from the east of Canada to the west! Starting in Montreal we drove east on the TransCanada Highway. We did a little loop in Roosevelt National Park and Yellowstone Park in the States. The destination was Vancouver Island and then Vancouver where we returned the motorhome.

Notre Dame in Montreal and mountains in North America

What are your favourite benefits of travelling with a “home on wheels?”

As an internationally known photographer, we travel a lot. We are constantly in and out of hotels, so we appreciate it even more that we have our own four walls with us. It feels like home, and we would never want to do it any other way!

What can’t you travel without?  What are your favourite travel items?

Of course, my cameras!

Was this your first time driving in Canada in an RV? Did you enjoy the drive?

We have been to Canada several times. We partially photographed my first exhibition in the natural history museum "Wild Mustangs" in Canada. We've also had a lot of adventures with the motorhome in Europe. We've had a lot of productions for National Geographic, and there are also a few books I've published here.

cowboy riding a mustang

What were your favourite places along the way?

Victoria Island is beautiful and the wild north of Canada is unique. I like being a cowboy myself and therefore Calgary, the West, Cowboy Trail, and also Banff and Jasper are amongst my favourite.

Any surprises along the way?

We saw many wild animals and as an animal rights activist and friend of Jane Goodall, this was a special experience. We have white-headed eagles, of course bison for my new book, moose, bears, whales and much more. We love the nature and wilderness of Canada.

moose in water canada

What was your favourite meal in the RV? Do you both enjoy cooking when RVing?

We eat very healthily and make sure we eat organic and local. That's why we love cooking, and that's one of the advantages why we love traveling in a motorhome.

What inspired you the most during your visit?

Inspiration comes naturally in this wonderful country. The eye makes the photo, and my job is to capture wonderful moments and show what others wouldn't have seen.

Tell us about the upcoming book and what inspired you for this?

I am currently working on many new projects, exhibitions, books, and calendars. My next exhibition will open in Munich in the next few weeks, then in New York. A new illustrated book about Canada will be published, as well as an exhibition and table book with the Buffalos.

bison with mountains and birds behind them

Tips for packing the RV when travelling from overseas.

I would say less is more. When you focus on your roots you don't need much other than a love of adventure, travel and time. Basic needs such as clothing and care products. My personal tip is to just leave your cell phone at home or simply no internet.

What is the most underrated destination you visited?

We love Australia, especially the west, which is so lonely and quiet - where few people live, only nature and animals. Our heart lies in Canada, we also love the north, the people, the animals and we always have an unforgettable time. We can't wait to come back.

mountains in alberta and people hugging in cowboy attire

Manfred Baumann's photography and RV adventures in Canada and the Northwestern United States have provided us with stunning images and a firsthand look at the beauty of these regions. Through his lens, we have been able to experience the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant colours, and unique cultures that make these areas so special. Manfred's passion for photography shines through in every image he captures, and having the freedom to travel in an RV allows him to immerse himself in the natural wonders of these destinations. If you're looking for inspiration for your own photography or considering an RV trip, be sure to check out Manfred Baumann's work. His photographs will transport you to another world and leave you longing for your next adventure.

​CanaDream has an RV type to suit every traveller and photography enthusiast - from beginner to professional. Plan your next photography focused RV vacation online at www.canadream.com or call or email our friendly Reservations team who are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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