February 8, 2021

It’s a fact! No matter what type of vacation you decide to take this summer, booking last minute is likely to have you paying a premium for it. For some, it’s difficult to plan ahead – circumstances often change without warning – but, if you have the ability to book early, you’re bound to see substantial savings.

This is also true when you are looking at RV and motorhome rentals in Canada. Home grown vacations are here to stay, at least for the rest of 2021, and the demand, particularly during the peak summer months, will outstrip supply in many provinces. Add to that, the demand for campsites and you have some compelling reasons why booking an RV vacation early makes total sense.

  1. Most RV rental companies in Canada offer good incentives to book early. These incentives range from percentage discounts off their normal pricing to free or discounted add-ons for your vacation. There is normally a book before date for these specials, so keeping your eyes peeled for early booking offers may save you a thousand dollars or more.
  2. Booking early gives you a greater selection of dates to choose from. During these early booking periods, you are more likely to nail down the specific dates you want to travel, whereas you often have to take what you can get when you book last minute.
  3. Confirming an RV rental far in advance usually provides you with the lowest nightly pricing. Pricing increases as availability decreases, making early booking a sensible decision.
  4. You’ll have much more time to plan and prepare for your trip. Have you been RVing before? If not, you will have plenty of time to research your trip, book your campsites, watch tutorials on how everything in the RV works and generally become excited about your RV vacation.
  5. Right now, most RV rental companies are making it easy for people to book early, with generous cancellation policies for 2021 should COVID restrictions prevent travel or if travel is not possible for other reasons. There’s every reason to take advantage of early booking specials.
  6. During peak season, the best campsites can book out early on the most popular dates and weekends. So if you are determined to secure a spot beside the lake or in a secluded location, being ready to book your preferred campsite early can make this a reality. Having your RV already booked, allows you to focus on planning and booking your campsites. Campsites in national and provincial parks are particularly in demand. Many private campgrounds are part of our CanaDream Club program. Further savings can be made when you mention you are a CanaDream guest when booking.

Booking an RV vacation online is easy. Simply visit our website to enter you preferred dates, pick-up and drop-off locations to obtain pricing. If you prefer to talk to an agent, we’re available on chat or by phone at 1-888-480-9726.

We look forward to welcoming you as our Guest.

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