July 16, 2020

If you love water, Madawaska Kanu Centre is the place visit. Nestled in the woods and flowing over the Canadian Shield granite, the Madawaska River has an adventure for everyone. Whether it’s a few hours rafting through rolling waves, a few days learning to kayak or canoe in whitewater, or a few weeks paddling with friends learning new skills, your whitewater learning vacation awaits!

Two hour rafting trips run throughout the summer. These are a great way to get your feet wet and experience the river for the first time. Skilled guides maneuver the raft through rapids, while you hang on, or for a bit more adventure, grab a paddle and work as a team to get downstream.

For those seeking more adventure, join a one, two or five day paddling course. You’ll learn how to safely navigate a canoe or kayak through waves, smiling while avoiding rocks. And when you’re done, you can come back and do it all again, learning new techniques and finding new adventures.

Off the river, enjoy home-cooked meals and snacks, prepared with love and local ingredients. Relax in the sauna, or stretch out in the yoga shala, spend the evening by the fire swapping stories, or sip a latte in the chalet. Set up your tent or RV at a wooded campsite, or enjoy more luxury in the wilderness lodge and cabanas.

The best part of all: as soon as you arrive, you’ll be welcomed into the close-knit river community. The Madawaska Kanu Centre is  looking forward to paddling with you!

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