July 10, 2022

Make the Most of your Time at the Columbia Icefield
Every year, guests come from around the world to immerse themselves in the Columbia Icefield.  Here are our tips to make the most of this must-see Canadian Rockies experience.

1.     Get up early.  Many travellers see vacation as a time to hit the snooze button. Beat them to the beauty by arriving at the most popular sites (like  the Columbia Icefield) earlier. The driving and parking will be easier, and you'll have plenty of space in your camera lens to capture that golden glow of dawn. It'll be a much more intimate experience. 
Ice Explorer on Athabasca Glacier 
2.     Stay the night.  There are only a few places in the Canadian Rockies that offer true night time solitude. Most are backcountry lodges that require a hike or horseback ride to access. Camping at the Columbia Icefield allows you to explore one of the area's biggest draws in a very intimate way. By the early evening, it's just you and a few other campers. That means time and space to contemplate, observe and feel the power of the landscape in an unobstructed and truly personal way. 
3.     Dine Glacier-side. So, you're out exploring the ancient glaciers along the famed Icefields Parkway and want a meal to match the wonders you're absorbing outside? There's little comparison to Altitude Restaurant at the Columbia Icefield. The decor is modern and subtle, allowing the views to pour in.
No matter how you see the Columbia Icefields, it’s a destination that cannot be missed!

Pursuit is a CanaDream Club partner. CanaDream Guests can enjoy a discounted rate on the Columbia Icefield Adventure when they book their experience in advance through CanaDream Club.

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