July 25, 2023

Canada is a land of breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage. To truly immerse yourself in the essence of this incredible country, why not rent an RV and explore Canada's Indigenous tourist attractions?

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of Indigenous tourism, discovering what it means, and how it adds value to your travel experiences. We’ll also share some key insights and tips to keep in mind as you plan your unique travel adventure. With over 1,700 unique Indigenous tourism experiences available, you'll have the opportunity to engage with vibrant cultures, learn from knowledgeable hosts, and create remarkable lasting memories. Get ready for an ultimate journey of discovery through the heart and soul of Canada's Indigenous communities!

Remarkable Opportunities: Indigenous Tourism

Indigenous tourism offers authentic experiences that showcase the diversity and beauty of Canada's Indigenous peoples. From vibrant Vancouver to the rugged wilderness and awe-inspiring skies in Yukon painted brightly by aurora borealis, each region has its own unique offerings. Do not miss an opportunity to become completely captivated by the northern cultures and Inuit people of Nunavut and Yellowknife or explore fascinating Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatoon, where you can learn about Indigenous history through petroglyphs and tipi camps.

When planning your next trip, consider including Indigenous tourism experiences in your itinerary. By doing so, you’re not only supporting Indigenous communities but also gaining a greater appreciation for their contributions to Canada's cultural tapestry. Book your trip between June and October to coincide with National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations and witness exciting events that showcase the millennia-old traditions of Indigenous peoples - from Alberta's foothills to Manitoba's plains peppered with herds of bison.

Gaining Important Knowledge

Indigenous tourism supports communities by providing meaningful employment experiences to the people and Nation. The lessons learned by tourists contributes to cross-cultural understanding and promotes appreciation for Indigenous culture. Additionally, this form of tourism infuses dollars into these communities, which often help fund their local development projects and contribute to the preservation efforts of important and rich cultural heritage.

Planning an Indigenous Travel Experience

When planning your travel experiences into First Nations' lands, it's helpful to become familiar with the community's rules and customs. Ensure you research tour operators and the group you plan to purchase your experiences through, as often non-Indigenous individuals attempt to emulate Indigenous tourism experiences, they have no right to offer. Seek out activities and tour operators or organizations owned by Indigenous communities to ensure that your visit contributes positively to their economic and cultural sustainability.
Indigenous tourism experiences can vary greatly across different locations in Canada.

Cultural centers in Yukon, Alberta and Ontario will showcase different artifacts and detail vastly unique stories of the indigenous people's customs, as ancient tribes shaped their lives and approaches to survival around their landscape and the resources bestowed on them. By approaching Indigenous travel with a mindset of respect and curiosity, you can create meaningful connections and truly immerse yourself in the rich Indigenous culture of Canada.

A Privilege: Indigenous Travel Tourism

Indigenous tourism in North America allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich culture, traditions, and heritage of Indigenous peoples. This unique form of experiential learning connects individuals with Indigenous communities on a deeper level, learning from their history, art, music, food, and spirituality. Whether it's participating in traditional storytelling, embarking on guided tours of cultural sites, taking part in ceremonies you have been invited into, or mastering traditional crafts or skills, Indigenous tourism offers authentic experiences impossible to find elsewhere. To fully appreciate these experiences, it's essential to be sure you approach Indigenous tourism with respect, openness, and a genuine desire to learn and understand different perspectives and ways of life.

Following the Wisdom of Indigenous Hosts

It is essential to seek and follow the wisdom of your Indigenous hosts when taking part in an indigenous tourism experience in Canada. These hosts possess an extensive knowledge and deep understanding of their land, culture, and traditions. Through meaningful engagement and a humble approach to learning their wisdom, visitors can gain a profound appreciation for Indigenous cultures and their connection to their land. By seeking the guidance of Indigenous hosts, tourists can not only enhance their own understanding but also contribute to the sustainable economic development of these communities by supporting local businesses and creating job opportunities.

1,700 Unique Indigenous Tourism Experiences

Throughout Canada, more than 1,700 unique Indigenous experiences are offered by tourism businesses. By travelling in an RV, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Canada's different Indigenous cultures at your own pace. You may have the opportunity to explore a few different Indigenous-owned and operated businesses in several different communities, offering you an up close and personal look into the various styles of art, dance, foods, and history that make each community unique!

Participate in traditional ceremonies you’ve been invited to take part in, attend storytelling sessions by elders, and join in guided tours led by knowledgeable Indigenous guides who will share the important history of Canada's First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities.
You can make a big difference by supporting Indigenous communities through the purchase of authentic Indigenous artwork, crafts, and products.
With locations spanning Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and Newfoundland, each experience offers a glimpse into the vibrant world of Canada's Indigenous peoples!

Educate Yourself: Preparing for Your Visit

To educate yourself about the history and traditions of Indigenous peoples before visiting attractions, do your research by reading online articles written by Indigenous authors, watching documentaries that explore their cultures, and attend workshops or events hosted by Indigenous organizations to learn directly from community members. Prior to visiting the attraction, you will have gained some knowledge that will enhance your overall understanding of the history, customs, and information on the uniqueness of your Host's Nations with numerous tourist opportunities in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec!

Respectful Visitors

When visiting Indigenous sites in Canada and the United States, it is crucial to demonstrate respect and adhere to any protocols or customs set by the community. Seek permission before entering sacred areas or engaging in cultural activities, dress respectfully and engage in meaningful conversations with Indigenous guides or elders to learn about their history and fascinating culture.

Tips to Ensure you are Being a Respectful Visitor

  1. Do not take photographs without permission; be prepared to show images to tribe members if they request to see them.
  2. Refrain from wearing traditional Native clothing unless it has been gifted to you or you have been invited to wear it.
  3. Respect Indigenous people’s Regalia (traditional clothing, accessories, and artifacts) by refraining from touching their outfit unless invited to.
  4. Some Indigenous people avoid eye contact and do so as a sign of respect’; don't impose or expect direct eye contact.
  5. Powwows, sweats, and other events are either private or public; be sure you are attending a public ceremony if not personally invited.
  6. Ensure your phone is turned off or on silent mode while participating in Indigenous Travel Tourism experiences.
  7. If you are unsure, do your research prior to your visit and if you have a question, ask with respectful curiosity.
 To learn more about Canada’s First Nations, Reserves and read about community profiles, visit:


Are there Ethical Tourism Options in Canada?

Indeed, there are sustainable and ethical tourism options in Canada for experiencing Indigenous culture. Consider visiting the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada's website to learn more about ethical considerations and the efforts taken to ensure experiences are in the best interest of these communities. Learn more about each community’s cultural tours, led by their own members, and have respect for their traditions, knowledge, and land. Supporting these initiatives contributes to the economic empowerment of Indigenous communities.


In conclusion, Indigenous tourism in Canada offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and experiences of Indigenous communities. By being mindful of the privilege of travel and seeking and following the wisdom of your Indigenous hosts, you can create remarkable experiences that not only educate but also promote understanding and respect. So why wait? Start planning your next Indigenous travel experience today by way of an RV vacation and discover the beauty and diversity that Canada's Indigenous tourist attractions have to offer. Book an RV rental now for an unforgettable journey into Indigenous culture.

Websites to Explore: Canada's First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Travel Experiences

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We hope that this guide to Indigenous tourism has inspired you to book your RV holiday and experience First Nations’ experiences first hand.
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