June 14, 2021

Often overlooked when searching for motorhomes for rent, CanaDream's maxi travel camper is a serious contender for singles and couples (or even a couple with a small child) looking to explore Canada at their own pace in an RV.

Couples may be drawn towards the Deluxe Van Camper, simply because it appears much smaller, but a closer look will provide compelling reasons why a truck and camper combination might make more sense to some. Let's compare:

Including the current model Ford F350 truck, the length of the TCA comes in at only 7m (23ft) - that's only one foot longer than the deluxe van camper. Sure, there's a difference in height - 3.6 v 3.1 metres - but it's the length many people have concerns about. The Maxi travel camper is mounted atop of a diesel truck, giving great fuel economy for a 6.7L engine. The truck itself comes with all the conveniences you could hope for, including adjustable lumber support, dual zone climate control, heated and cooled seats and enough outlets to charge all your electronic devices on the go. Bluetooth your phone to the SYnc3 infotainment system and you'll be cruising across Canada, rocking out to all your favourite songs. The Ford F350 provides a quiet ride, without the rattle and bang often experienced in walk-through RVs.

Interior of the TCA Maxi Travel Camper.

Head inside and you'll see just how much room there is. Like the deluxe van camper, the maxi travel camper (TCA) has all the conveniences of home, but there are differences. Unlike the DVC, the TCA has a fixed overcab bed - a real bonus for those not wanting to make up the bed every night. The dining area is separate, giving you more space to spread out. The TCA has more storage space and a larger kitchen, including a three-burner cooktop and oven as well as a microwave. Fridge space in either vehicle is very similar, as is the size of the bathroom.

So, what would prompt me to choose the DVC?
I prefer to be able to walk through from the driver cabin to the living area
I need a generator on my trip
I can't live without a TV on my vacation

More reasons for choosing the DVC can be found here.

Interior of the Deluxe Van Camper DVC.

Why would I choose the TCA?
I enjoy a quiet ride without the clatter of dishes and other road noise common in motorhomes
I prefer the additional cab space and comfort provided in the Ford F350 truck
I don't mind not being able to walk from the cab to the living space
I don't like to make up the bed each night
I enjoy a fixed seating/dining space

More reasons for choosing the TCA can be found here.  The TCA is available for rent from CanaDream locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Monteal and Halifax.

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