March 15, 2024

At CanaDream, we've got your back when it comes to finding the perfect vehicle size for your travel crew. With 10 different vehicle categories to choose from, all ranging in size, you can rest assured that we've got something to suit everyone. Whether you're rolling solo or traveling with a big gang, our vehicles are all about luxury and comfort. Figuring out the best RV size for your group can be a head-scratcher, but no stress - just kick back and follow our handy guide to find the best fit for your next adventure!

Groups of 2

For a group of 2, we highly recommend going with either the Maxi Travel Camper, Deluxe Van Camper, or Saver 2. These 3 vehicle categories will be best suited to fit 2 people, although they all possess different qualities about them. Choosing between the Maxi Travel Camper and the Deluxe Van Camper can be tough, but comparing the two can be the best way to find the right choice for you.  

Maxi Travel Camper

The Maxi Travel Camper (TCA) is the “smallest” of the categories. It is a Northern Lite Camper (or Palomino) mounted onto a Ford F-350 truck. These trucks have the best features you can imagine, including the Ford Driver Package and foldable seat in the rear that can also double as extra storage. This truck camper would be perfect for 2 people who enjoy the outdoors and prefer to spend their time outside enjoying their adventure. As the interior of the TCA is much smaller than most of our other units, you may be more inclined to spend the time in a hammock outside by the fire than inside at the dinette table – unless you find yourself in a rainy day, then of course cards are played inside! 

As most truck camper combos go, the TCA is amazing at getting around in areas that any larger units cannot. Places such as the Dempster Highway in the Yukon and Vancouver Island can be even more accessible with a truck camper compared to a larger motorhome. Be cautious while travelling into more remote areas, as there is no generator on this vehicle, and you will have to plan to stop every 2-3 days to plug in and charge your battery.

Deluxe Van Camper

Our Deluxe Van Camper (DVC) is the ultimate van life vehicle, giving you a bathroom, kitchen, and sofa bed near the rear doors, that open up to offer you spectacular views while parked at your destination. With mosquitos screens in both the doorways, you will be able to let in the fresh air, all whilst keeping any bugs out. The DVC has exactly what you need to travel and enjoy the peace and quite of a remote campground, although you may also want to use this vehicle to stick close to home, as you will find inner city driving to be particularly easy. The van style to this unit is almost like driving your own vehicle … only a little longer. Most people will find this unit is “easier” to drive than some of the longer ones.

With a generator onboard, you will have access to all your 110V outlets and air conditioner – giving you peace of mind and a charged camera! In the DVC you will find the same Ford Driver Package, allowing you and your passenger to listen to music while you zip on through to your next location. Finding the perfect spot to go can be tricky, but the easy maneuverability of the Deluxe Van Camper makes it easy to go to Cape Breton Island or Downtown Calgary.

Saver 2

Ideal for 2 adult passengers, the Saver 2 means that you will either receive the Maxi Travel Camper (TCA), Deluxe Van Camper (DVC) or the Super Van Camper (SVC). A vehicle will be chosen upon pick up depending on availability, as you will not be able to choose a specific RV when booking. 

Groups of 3-4

3-4 passengers can vary with number of adults, teens, and children. These next 3 suggestions are perfect for the growing family or the friend group going on a vacation together. It is recommended to take the Super Van Camper, the Compact Motorhome, or the Saver 4 option.

Super Van Camper

For a group of 3-4 passengers, the Super Van Camper (SVC) will provide ample space for storage, and to live in. Just like the larger Class C models, the SVC has a larger vehicle chassis and will appear to have the more common Motorhome feel and look. For a group of 3-4, we suggest having 2 adults and 2 small children or 3 adults in this vehicle. You will find two beds in this unit, one of them being a standard queen bed and the second being the dinette table converted into a single bed. Two small children will fit perfectly, and 1 adult of “average” height will be comfortable on this 168cm (66”) long bed. In our SVC models you will also find a slide out or two that will maximize the interior space and allow your unit to grow when you are parked.

While the Super Van Camper is a smaller motorhome, you will still feel as though it is quite easy to maneuver and you will get to know the ins and outs of the vehicle quite quickly. The overall ease of driving this vehicle makes it a great vehicle for trips involving city hopping. You may also want to take advantage of the length and book campsites within the city or just a few kilometers from the city limits. An ideal road trip in the SVC would be travelling through Toronto all the way to Montreal or making your way from Edmonton to Jasper National Park.

Compact Motorhome

The Compact Motorhome (MHC) is the newest vehicle in our fleet and is making a big impact! With a queen bed, two single overcab beds, and the dinette bed conversion, there is plenty of places to sleep. While this vehicle can hold up to 4 adults and 2 children (number of seatbelts), it may be perfect for your groups of 4 adults to stretch out and enjoy the space. Keeping the dinette table as a table and not using the bed conversion option, you can keep the “living space” as is during your trip and not have to worry about adjusting it every day, multiple times a day. Keep in mind, this unit does not offer slide outs, so when parked the interior will not expand.

The MHC is longer than the SVC, meaning you will want to steer clear of the city centers and move towards your favourite Provincial or National Park Park, such as Algonquin Provincial Park or Kluane National Park and Reserve. You will have access to your generator in the MHC and it will help to provide the comforts of home while in the Parks.

Saver 4

Perfect for 4 passengers (2 adults, 2 small children), with the Saver 4 you will receive either the Super Van Camper (SVC), Midi Motorhome (MHB), or the Maxi Motorhome (MHA). You will not be able to pick a specific vehicle and one will be chosen at time of pick up depending on availability.

Groups of 4-7

For the group amount of 4-7 passengers, we have the Midi Motorhome, Maxi Motorhome and the Maxi Plus Motorhome, and Saver 6 to suggest.

Midi Motorhome

The Midi Motorhome (MHB) is the second shortest Class C motorhome CanaDream offers in our fleet of vehicles and is considered the perfect family vehicle! If you want to have privacy during the night, the rear queen size bed is a great choice. Giving you and your family the chance to have your own separate areas, the MHB is the perfect layout. Offering Adaptive Cruise, Lane Assist and many more features that the Ford Driver Package include, you will feel safe on the road and provide a comforting ride to your family.

The MHB has the capability of bringing 3 child seats In the vehicle, offering lap belts and 1 or 2 tether points. The perfect family vehicle doesn’t stop there, you will want to take this unit out of a grand roadtrip and take advantage of the 208L fuel tank, allowing you to travel between 600km-800km on one tank! You’ll want to travel great distances in this vehicle, making it a perfect vehicle to view all different attractions and viewpoints while you travel cross country.

Maxi Motorhome

Going from a dream summer vacation to a bucket list winter vacation may seem daunting in the peak of Canadian winter, but our Maxi Motorhome (MHA) is a 4-season RV – turning your RV into the perfect après ski chalet. With a queen bed tucked away in its own bedroom area, a cabover bunk with 2 single beds and a dinette table conversion, there is plenty of room for all of the skiers and snowboarders in your life.

You will also find plenty of storage throughout the interior cabinets and the exterior compartments. Specially designed, there is a large compartment at the rear, big enough to fit children’s bikes, skis, snowboards, and plenty more! With the MHA you will want to find the best Ski Safari to head out on, whether you are enjoying the slopes in British Colombia, or hitting the 102 ski trails at Mont Tremblant, you are sure to find the best way to enjoy your winter wonderland.

Maxi Plus Motorhome 

The largest vehicle we have in our fleet is the Maxi Plus Motorhome (MHX). Seating and sleeping 4 adults and 3 children, this vehicle is amazing for inter-generational travel. Heading out to that family reunion a few towns over, or enjoying a trip to your favourite theme park, nothing beats travelling with 3 generations of your family! Having separate sleeping spaces for each family member is the best way to make sure everyone feels comfortable and enjoys their experience in an RV. The MHX has a large kitchen and living area to easily accommodate all of Grandpas Sunday dinners and every single one of the grandchildren’s home concerts. Utilizing all that the MHX offers will be sure to guarantee the most amazing trip and create those core memories everyone starts to lock in during childhood.

A shorter trip is ideal for the Maxi Plus Motorhome, as it can be more difficult to maneuver if you aren’t familiar with a large vehicle. A trip with limited stops and more than 1 night at a location can be best suited for your inter-generational family and the MHX.

Saver 6

The Saver 6 is an option that will provide you a vehicle at a discounted rate. By choosing the Saver 6 option you do not pick an exact vehicle and will receive either the Midi Motorhome (MHB), Maxi Motorhome (MHA), or the Maxi Plus Motorhome (MHX) based on availability at pick up.

Navigating through the different types of RVs that CanaDream offers, as well as other rental sites, can sometimes feel like diving into a sea of information overload. That's where this guide comes in to save the day! We're here to help you make sense of it all and make informed decisions without any hassle.

If you have any questions regarding vehicle types or want to book now, email us at or call us at 1-800-347-7126 and we would be happy to assist. 

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