April 21, 2023 // By Michelle Leroux

Reasons why you should rent an RV for your next family gathering

Gathering with family for a milestone birthday makes the celebration extra special but time, expenses and geographical distances can make it challenging to get everyone together. With my grandpa’s 100th birthday coming up in Camrose, AB and family visits on both sides of the family long overdue, renting a Maxi motorhome from CanaDream made reuniting with relatives a breeze.

100 Birthday Celebrations

Here are four reasons renting an RV to visit family makes perfect sense!

  1. Save money
We live in Pemberton, BC and flying from Vancouver to Calgary gave us a great starting point to visit family scattered around south western and central Alberta. Renting a car and booking hotel rooms would have brought the cost of this family reunion up considerably especially since we would be paying a premium to book one night only at each hotel.
  1. Visit everyone on your list
My husband and I kind of felt like Santa on Christmas Eve - we had a lot of people to visit and not much time to make it all happen. With family in Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Calgary, Camrose and Edmonton to connect with, renting an RV gave us the flexibility to maximize our four nights of travel and drop in to see everyone on our list.

  1. Take advantage of “free camping”
Renting an RV gave us our own cozy cabin on wheels so we could trek all over the province, and park and sleep wherever made the most sense. When the priority is family there are a lot of free options on where to park and stay overnight. Our route included sleeping in my sister’s driveway in Bragg Creek, setting up in the Camrose Walmart parking lot near the hotel where the birthday celebration was held, spending the night at the Camrose Resort Casino where they allow free RV parking (and access to yummy nachos and happy hour drinks in their lounge) and taking advantage of the free RV parking at Southcentre Mall on our last night where we took in a movie on the big screen at the nearby cinema.
  1. Make time for yourself
Family visits can be stressful, especially when visiting extended family who may not be aligned with the same values as you…hot tip - avoid chatting about politics at all cost! Our Maxi motorhome was a little haven to decompress whenever we needed some downtime and having our own space eased the stress on family having to host us in their homes. We loved firing up the Nespresso for a perfectly peaceful cup of coffee each morning before launching into family time each day. When we started to feel cooped up with all the indoor visiting Jubilee Park grounded us with a quick retreat into nature.
No matter the time of year or the reason for your family gathering, CanaDream has an RV model that will fit you and your needs perfectly. Email, call or online chat with one of our knowledgeable Reservations agents to learn more and make your booking.

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