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June 18th 2022

Experience Canada’s largest living history museum! Heritage Park Historical Village is one of Calgary’s must-see attractions for both the history lover and fun seeker alike. 

Spread out over 127 acres of beautiful parkland overlooking the Rocky Mountains, Heritage Park brings Western Canada’s unique history to life, from the 1860s to the 1930s, with something to appeal to every age. Start your journey in the 1860s where you’ll discover what life was like for the Plains First Nations people at an authentic encampment. Hear the stories that have been passed down for centuries, or play traditional Aboriginal games. Meet the intrepid voyageurs in a Hudson Bay Company Trading Fort or enjoy a frosty beverage in a wild-west saloon. Wander through a working ranch area complete with farm animals before exploring the streets of a 1910 prairie town. Enjoy a scenic tour of the town aboard an antique steam train, or pop inside the working shops and open homes of its residents.

Enjoy a leisurely cruise aboard Calgary’s only paddle wheel ship, or take a spin on an antique midway ride. Then head over to the newly opened Prospect Ridge section of the Park to head deep inside the gritty depths of a turn-of-the-century coal mine and visit a Park Warden’s cabin. New this year is Innovation Crossing, which houses the StorySeeker exhibit – a way to learn about western Canada’s energy past and how it can help shape the energy present and future.

Heritage Park’s 1930s area features gleaming chrome and neon lights on display in a massive auto museum and unique gift shops full of locally made items, souvenirs and more. With so much to see and do you’ll need a full day to experience it all- and great food and drinks to wash it down with.

Heritage Park is known for its on-site bakery treats and candy store, but the park has great dining options, ranging from midway food to a first-class dining experience on one of the best patios in town. Heritage Park is located within the Calgary city limits and has plenty of parking. Want to extend your day at the Park? Visit Heritage Park’s website for updated information on special evening events. The park opens May 21st, 2022.

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