March 9, 2019

It’s never too early and never too late to start thinking about your summer vacation plans. The temp may be cold, the ground may be covered in snow, or the summer may be in full force, but good times always await in Canada!
It’s been said that the best way to experience Canada in the summer is in an RV. The freedom of the open road, getting to stop wherever you want, and never being too far from a bathroom, bed or hot meal is particularly alluring for weary travelers. You create your own adventure and itinerary.

Canada - The #1 Travel Destination in 2017

Each year, the New York Times publishes a list of the 52 best places to go. In 2017, Canada was listed as number 1 on the list, ahead of places like Milan and Panama. Canada has been referred to as a “world unto itself”, truly offering something for everyone. Canada offers plenty of nature experiences, parks, world class museums, cosmopolitan cities and plenty of off the beaten path attractions.

Better weather and more daylight means you’ll have more time to spend exploring at your own pace. Canada has opportunities for every type of traveler. Build memories camping, hiking, fishing, or just taking in everything Sunset country has to offer.

Canada - There’s Something For Everyone Here

The Trans-Canada Highway is the perfect backdrop for your RVing adventure. It stretches 7,821 km, the entire length of Canada, and takes travelers through both urban and rural areas. It winds through incredible natural wonders like Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Lake Louise, or Signal Hill in Newfoundland. Take a detour to experience Sudbury’s Superstack, Quebec City, or the Spiral Tunnels, located just west of Continental Divide in British Columbia.

The "Trans Canada" stretches 7821km and goes from Victoria, BC to Saint John's Newfoundland

There’s an entire world of things to do and see when you venture off the Trans Canada Highway and explore the landscape beyond. You’ll see small towns, big cities, and everything in between as you experience all Canada has to offer at your own pace in an RV. No matter where you choose to go, one thing is for certain--you’ll never get bored.

Take in a baseball game in Toronto or just find a local market to cook a good meal in your camper. With so many sights to choose from, it’s no wonder Canada was designated the world’s top travel destination. You definitely will not be without entertainment as you drive or camp across Canada this summer. Choose your destination and start planning.

RV camping sites fill up quickly from late May to mid September, particularly those with full facilities, and it’s a good idea to book these well in advance. CanaDream has hundreds of campground partners across Canada – check these out on our CanaDream Club pages.

Rent an RV and Hit the Open Road

When you go on vacation, you are generally limited to a small radius, particularly if you fly. You also have to worry about lodging and meals and plan accordingly for those. However, when you travel in an RV or trailer, you have everything you need in one location. Don’t own an RV? No problem. Rent one now from CanaDream. We’ve got a variety of campers and RV’s available, whether you’re traveling as a couple, or with the entire gang. Book now to confirm availability for your preferred dates as summer RV rentals can sell out quickly.

If you aren’t sure which size vehicle you need, our helpful guest guides can give you all the particulars about each type of available vehicle. Sign up for our special offers to be alerted about our hottest travel deals. You may even snag a bargain on an upcoming vacation.

Experiencing Canada, at your own pace

If Canada isn’t on your radar for your vacation this summer, it should be. See more when you experience Canada the way it was meant to be experienced--in an RV. Bring a few friends along for the ride, too. As the old saying goes, “a crowded camper is better than an empty castle”.

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