March 2, 2020

Thinking of looking for seasonal work or in emigrating to Canada?  This blog has helpful information on applying for a visa, finding a place to stay and finding that perfect job.

Beautiful mountain scenery, acres full of peaceful woods and lakes, aspiring global cities and a lot of maple syrup - is that what you imagine when you dream about emigrating to Canada or moving to Canada for a seasonal job? Living and working in Canada is the desire of a lot of people - still for those who really want it to become reality, keep in mind that emigrating comes along with a load of administration and organizational things in advance. In the following you can find the three main things you need to consider before moving to Canada.


Applying for a visa

If you have chosen to take on the adventure to start living and working in Canada, you’ll first have to apply for a visa, since you are not allowed to enter the country without a visa. Especially, when you really want to move there and hopefully stay longer than just a few months. In this case you need a permanent residence visa that allows you to accept a job and start working in Canada. There is an option to apply for a permanent visa through an Express Entry. The only way to apply through this system is if you are ranked as a skilled worker. To find out whether you are a skilled worker you’ll have to fill in a form where you provide information about your age, education, language proficiency, work experience and skills transferability. On the basis of your information you will get a certain amount of points that rank you a position. Depending on your position you will receive an invitation to apply for a permanent residence.

In addition, it is important to know that to receive the permanent resident status you would need to show a clear criminal record and a capital of around 10.000 Dollars.

Finding an accommodation

Looking for the right flat or house to become your new Canadian home can be quite hard if you need to do that from the other side of the Atlantic. That’s why we would recommend you to stay in a temporary accommodation when you arrive and search there for a permanent one. The first few weeks you could stay in a hostel or an Airbnb. These accommodations aren’t as fancy as a hotel, but will save you a lot of money. During your stay there you can focus on contacting landlords and landladies and have a look at different types of accommodation in person. These viewings also provide a good possibility to get to know new people in your home-to-be, for example if you want to live in a shared flat you can get a first impression of your possible roommates. A room in a shared flat is usually way cheaper than your own appartment. Nethertheless, the renting prices depend on the area or state that you want to live in. Regions in the very east or very west are the most popular regions to go to amongst immigrants. Of course, that also shows in the prices for accommodation. A lot of accommodations can be easily found online on websites such as Another option is to join Facebook groups, where apartments are being advertised.


Searching for a job

Moving to a different country can be very expensive in the beginning as you’ll have to find a new accommodation, pay for a security deposit and you might have to buy new furniture as well. This will cost you a huge amount of your start capital all at once. That is why you should find your new job very quickly, the best idea would be to already have found something when you arrive or at least have a few job interviews in prospective. Job Bank, for example, is a website where you can search for jobs in Canada: The website is run by the Canadian Government and hosts about 90.000 job postings all over Canada.

If the idea of moving to Canada forever sounds good, but you’re not quite sure, then why don’t you first try a certain period and find out if that’s the right thing for you? A lot of seasonal jobs can be found on Besides, Canadream is looking for a new employee as Station Supervisor in Whitehorse. More information about the vacancy can be found here:

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