May 10, 2021

With lots of reasons to be creative over the past year, Guest experience and Guest services have been at the very top of CanaDream’s list.

Guests expect a flawless experience when interacting with any travel company and today, with things like online check-in being so well established for airlines, it has become second nature. Not only does it save time, ensures correct information is given, and gives Guests control to select the products and services they really want, it also helps to reduce personal contact and time processing information.

So, with creative juices running at an all-time high, the team at CanaDream has developed a new online check-in portal for Guests to complete, and a new app for Cast to use to perform the RV pick up and the RV drop off in a contactless format.

From the comfort of their own homes, Guests are required to complete their RV check-in prior to arriving to pick up their RV.

Here’s how it works:

  • Online check-in opens 4 full days before pick-up – for instance, if pick up is on the 5th of the month, online check-in will open on the 1st.
  • Guests will receive an email from us 4 days before pick-up advising they can now check in online. Subsequent reminders will be sent daily until the online check-in has been completed. If Guests arrive at our pick-up locations without completing online check-in, they will be asked to do this on an iPad at our station.
  • There are ten steps in the online check-in process and Guests should allow up to 60 minutes to complete them.

What do Guests need to do during online check-in?

  Personal Information
Complete your details and add an emergency contact.
Complete the driver/additional driver information, including uploading a photograph of the front and back of each driver’s license.
  Travel Extras
Review and add on any additional products or services to complete your vacation experience.
  Arrival Time
Select from the available arrival times. Note: the earlier you start check-in the wider the choice of time slots.
Watch the vehicle demonstration, safe driving, and our Canadream Club videos.
Read and accept our important documents. A copy will be emailed for your records.
  Deposit Payment
Pay the mandatory $1,750 security deposit on the credit card. Note that this will be processed, not held, to your credit card.  The credit card holder must be present with the credit card and Photo ID at pick-up.  At the same time, payment for any additional extra items will be taken, leaving nothing to do on the day of pickup.


It’s as simple as that! When you arrive to pick up your RV, we’ll only need to check your credit card and driver’s license, provide you with our comprehensive Guest Guide and invite you to do the self-guided walk-through of your RV using our handy “How to” guide. We’ll be on hand to answer any additional questions you may have.

If you’re a little uneasy about a self-guided demonstration of your RV, we have you covered. You can choose a one-on-one personal demonstration for a small additional fee when you check in online. Allow approx. 30-45 minutes extra at our location for this service.

Online check-in has been designed with the convenience and safety of our Guests in mind. When you rent an RV with CanaDream, you can be sure of a friendly welcome. We share the excitement of your RV vacation and are committed to getting you on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

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