May 5, 2021

Observation of a Cave Guide

Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is located near Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.
We caught up with one of their cave guides who gave us an interesting insight in this area:

“These caves are wild, and natural. I have said these same words to thousands of people. People from near and far. Many people who visit Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park have never been underground before and have no clue what to expect. People expecting enormous chambers with lamps lining the walls and meandering paved walkways with hand railings- will discover that our caves are not like that in the slightest.”

I always try my best to paint a picture for the guests of what is in store before a tour departs. I'll even go as far as to mime the "Cave Yoga Moves" that they may find themselves doing in the caves. But after 10 years of guiding people through these caves, I have realized that no matter how hard I try to frontload things and put the experience into words, people will exit the caves saying "Wow! That was not what I expected!

It makes me smile every time I hear that. I can remember my first time exploring these caves. As you navigate through the obstacles of a cave, you feel that you are earning the beautiful subterranean sights as you discover them. You feel a real connection to the cave and to our marvelous planet.


Children on my cave tours frequently mutter to themselves "How do I do this?" or "Now What?" as they confront an obstacle, and I resist the urge to over-coach them, because I have learned the value of allowing them to discover the inner strength they possess to accomplish their task.

I have taken people of all ages, shapes and sizes through the caves at Horne Lake and I have learned not to underestimate people. To be brave, first you must be afraid. Some of my favorite clients are the ones who are nervous about leaving their comfort zones. Throughout a tour I can observe personal growth happening which, in some cases, is quite profound. I have witnessed many powerful moments as people confront their fears and overcome them.

It's a glorious experience that you will always cherish.

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