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September 18th 2023
Fall for West Coast Mountain Biking in BC and enjoy hearty servings of fresh mountain trails aboard two wheels during every season! Tucking into a plethora of peaks while enjoying your RV holiday, rejuvenate your mind and body with cross country riding, exploring tempting trail systems and playing on downtill bike paths peppered with rock & roots and hand-made bridge and platform features against vibrant yellow and fiery auburn backdrops.
WEST is THE BEST for fall MTN biking vacations!

The Ultimate Five for Free this Fall: B.C.’s West Coast MTN Bike RV Adventures

Are you an adventure enthusiast looking for an adrenaline-filled fall holiday? Look no further than B.C.'s West Coast! This picturesque region offers the ideal setting for incredible mountain biking vacations through the year, but, if we are being honest … one season has it all – the FALL! 

We are excited to share our top reasons B.C.'s West Coast is THE destination for fall mountain biking and will highlight five top destinations promising to leave you breathless with countless stunning free cross country, downhill trails, and scenic, wide-open routes. But, before you embark on your adventure, we'll share essential tips for mountain biking RV trips and detail why this season is the best time to hit the trails. And, if you're traveling by RV, we've got great campgrounds and resort suggestions you are sure to appreciate! Get ready to experience the thrill of ‘free-fall’ on B.C.'s West Coast!

Biking Beautiful BC: West Coast Overview

B.C.'s West Coast is a captivating region renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. With majestic mountains, dense and lush forests, and picturesque coastlines, it is truly a four-season paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. 
The area offers an array of activities, including mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking, offering pockets of paradise for anyone looking to connect to nature … RV travel along the coast provides flexibility and the opportunity to explore various locations while immersing oneself in the region's enchanting small towns, delectable fresh and locally sourced cuisine, and friendly communities.

Why BC’s West Coast for Fall MTN Biking?

B.C.'s West Coast is known for some of the best mountain biking on the planet. Canada, in general, is spoiled with massive sections of undeveloped and unspoiled land for adventure and exploration; perfectly positioned for all types of mountain biking. With stunning natural landscapes, diverse terrain, cooler temperatures, and beautiful autumn colors, it's the perfect time and place to explore the thriving mountain biking community. And traveling by RV offers the flexibility and convenience in accessing different destinations at your own pace. 

Five Top Destinations to Fall For

Long ago, from lush grounds on Vancouver Island to the verdant and dense wilderness crowning the Sunshine Coast, mountain biking culture on British Columbia's west coast has been shaped by the landscape and nurtured by its' people. Recognized as one of the most important regions in the world for mountain biking, B.C. offers a comprehensive terrain package to challenge and elate every rider. When your pedals need a rest, trundle over to your cozy RV for a restful slumber so you are well rested for another day of breakfast-to-bike in the crisp fall air.

Vancouver's North Shore, B.C.

Comprised of three primary riding zones comprised of 350 riding trails, North Shore boasts majestic Mount Seymour, Mount Fromme, and Cypress Mountain. Vancouver's North Shore is known for its' unbeatable riding options offering widespread technical terrain, hand-built wooden plank features, tight switchback trail systems, rooty & rocky downhill including all-mountain and cross-country trails. The North Shore offers exhilarating mountain bike trails winding through the emerald rainforest with breathtaking views of magnificent coastline highlighted by the shimmering Pacific Ocean. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, the North Shore has unforgettable trails for all skill levels. 

Capilano River RV Park is the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate after your adventures.

Squamish, B.C.

If you are in the market for massive exhilaration and endless joyful wheeling on downhill trails showcasing breathtaking coastal views, roll your way over to Squamish. Riders of all levels enjoy the variety of trail difficulties, offering 150 trails dedicated to beginner and intermediate-friendly fun and for expert-level challengers, try one of 130 hair-raising runs! Expect long descents and manageable climbs, trademark features of Squamish riding where loamy dirt butts against natural granite features, creating unique platforms for downhillers and trail riders alike. 
With close proximity to Howe Sound, lower altitude trails are often rideable all of fall as well as much of winter! Popular trail options for beginner and intermediate riders are available at Brackendale and Garibaldi Highland Trails in Alice Lake Provincial Park

Squamish's Diamond Head provides an ideal starting point as trails accommodating all levels are available in one convenient location offering some of the most memorable single-track rides around. The main Legacy Climb Trail – Stl’lhalem Sintl’ – is an incredible workout and challenge if you take it to the top, delivering over 10 km (3000ft) of heart-pumping climbing action! Rest assured, all who ascent claim the views and downhill lines are more than worth it! 

MTN Fun Basecamp and Paradise Valley Campground are fantastic RV resort options for restful evenings after big mountain days.

Sunshine Coast, B.C.

The Sunshine Coast stretches 175 km from Gibsons to Bliss Landing, with the largest population centers being Powell River, Sechelt, Gibsons, and Robert Creek. It is important to acknowledge that these lands belong to Indigenous people who never relinquished land rights by refusing to sign treaties with the Canadian Crown. These are the traditional territories of the Squamish (Skwxwú7mesh), Sechelt (Shíshálh), and Sliammon (Tla’Amin) and Klahoose First Nations, and we are fortunate First Nations members share these lands with others.

The communities of the Sunshine Coast hold progressive attitudes towards' mountain biking and have collectively spent years investing in countless networks of mountain-bike paths and trail systems. One such area located north of Gibsons, named Roberts Creek, is a great outdoor playground for the serious mountain biker, offering three major loop trails – Roberts Creek (30 km), Clack Creek (12 km), and the Brodie Race Trails (7.5 km) – will work tire tread overtime while introducing riders to shorter technical routes such as Three Steps, the Mexican Jumping Bean Trail, Black Tower, and Portage, all accessed from Roberts Creek Forest Road, just east of Roberts Creek Provincial Park. 

North of Sechelt, located in an area near Trout Lake features trails for all skill levels. Look for trails such as Little Knives (also called the Trout Lake Trail; easy; 7.5 miles/12 km return) and Redroofs to the south of Hwy 101. Keep your eyes peeled for terrific fun on Shakecutters, Hydroline, Crowston, Wormy Lake, and the Microwave Tower Trails to the north.

Our top choice for beginners and families is coastal Connor Park, delivering riders a day of lush and ferny forest trail riding on 25 trails comprised of easy and intermediate routes.

Nanaimo, B.C.

Nanaimo beckons adventure seekers, boasting innumerable thrilling downhill trails, offering breathtaking views of Georgia Straight's sparkling waters and vibrant coastline. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, Nanaimo serves up trail systems for every skill set. 

Proudly, Nanaimo delivers well-marked and established mountain bike trails. The Abyss and Extension Ridge are perhaps the most visually spectacular biking spots, with pastoral trails and moss laden rocky plateaus, and the best-known trails on Vancouver Island because their technical challenges. Travelling through a forest of giant Douglas Fir and Bigleaf Maple in fall enveloped in rich earthy scents and sounds of nature, riders will cherish every moment spent here.

Ride the Doumont Trail network for well-maintained technical and flow trails for beginner to advanced riders. Head to Mount Benson and The Outer Bypass for full day of diverse trail riding or roll onto the Gabriola Island ferry (landing located downtown Nanaimo) for a 20-minute ride into an abundance of cross-country trails and a relaxed and fun vibe for fun family adventure!

Easy route riding can be found in the Westwood Lake area and can be accessed by Jingle Pot Road onto Westwood Road. More demanding and technical trails are located at the northern tip of the lake, along Westwood Ridge.

Mountainaire Campground and RV is the perfect place to rest your wheels after long rides!

Cowichan Valley, B.C.

Nestled between Victoria and Nanaimo, Cowichan is comprised of several small communities and features a valley drenched in fast downhill, flow trails, cross-country climbs, and every jump feature you could want for. This biking haven is home to more than 170 trails sprawling over 180 kilometres of various levels of difficulty. Riders will find most trails are locatable on four mountains: Mount Prevost, Mount Tzouhalem, Maple Mountain, and Cobble Hill and can also take in a beautiful day of riding at newly created Fairservice Fun trail network at Lake Cowichan

For advanced wizards on wheels, Mount Prevost has turned out several world champions, with double-black pro-lines and endless challenging trails to test your technical skills. The forest of Mount Tzouhalem, known locally as Mt. Zoo has 36 km of trails featuring everything from green to double-black lines. 

For those interested in a 'bike tour tasting experience', consider embarking on a 122 km rail bed route dubbed the 'Gourmet Trail' in the Cowichan Valley. Bikers are invited to visit adjacent wineries, orchards, and farm-to-table establishments in the region by bike, as the Cowichan Valley Rail Trail runs from Shawnigan Lake to Cowichan Lake. The trail is predominantly wide and flat, with some sections right on the roadway.

Brake at Malahat Mountain Meadows RV Resort & Campground or Cedar Springs Ranch, which are year-round campgrounds located near Shawnigan Lake.

Essential Tips for MTN Biking in the Fall

Before hitting the trails each day, be sure to check the weather and trail conditions – Canadian fall weather is unpredictable and can change course quickly. Second, adhering to trail signage, communicating with other trail riders about conditions and riding safely to ensure you return unharmed each day is paramount. Carrying bear bells alerts bears and other wildlife you are in the vicinity, affording them time to vacate. Lastly, don't forget to pack tools (for on-trail adjustments), plenty of water and protein-rich snacks for hydration and fuel during your adventure.

Trailforks App

Plan routes using the Trailforks mobile app and send your day's riding location with your phone's 'pin drop' feature to a family member or friend if you plan to ride cross country in remote areas. Update your location as necessary. Remember to charge your phone prior to leaving for remote adventures and remember to check in and out each day, especially if you are biking alone. 

Why Will I Fall for Fall Biking?

When the temperatures drop and the leaves turn color, it's the best time to spin your wheels. We have provided the best places to mountain bike on B.C.'s coast and below we impart top reasons to plan your fall biking RV vacation - today!

Improved Riding Ability
After a spring and summer of biking under your belt, you’re feeling conditioned and in prime position to put your biking skills to the test. Fall is a great time to feel more comfortable on your bike and reflect on how hard the same trail might’ve been just a few months earlier.

Great Trail Conditions
Drier air and cooler fall temperatures deliver ideal conditions to trails over B.C.'s coast. Dirt is less likely to take on 'dusty' textures therefore preserving an accommodating ‘tackiness’ as a resulting from added from moisture delivered by rain showers and autumn dew.

Thinner Crowds
Popular trails are crowded in the summer with increased travelers during these months. At top-reviewed mountain biking destinations and locations, you’ll undoubtedly find your trail-time more enjoyable with fewer visitors about. 

Fall Colours
And, perhaps the most compelling reason to book a mountain bike RV vacation in the fall, is your reserved front row seat at the remarkable color show. The forested environment features broadleaf maple that burn gold, fiery reds, and glowing orange in autumn's spectacular backdrop. 


B.C.'s West Coast offers a breathtaking setting for mountain biking enthusiasts to embark on unforgettable autumn holidays. Stunning, rugged landscapes and diverse and challenging trails have appropriately placed this region as top tier biking in North America. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, these five incredible destinations on B.C.'s West Coast cater to all skill levels and promise to set the stage for memorable fall biking holidays.

So, pack your bags, book your RV now and get ready for an exhilarating mountain biking ‘fall-iday’ on B.C.'s West Coast!


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