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Compact Motorhome

Travel in style in this compact and easy to drive RV, at 24 feet 6 inches in length, it packs in a lot plus has room for up to four adults and two small children.   The custom twin overcab beds are ideal for two adults or perfect for kids to make it their own hideaway.   The kitchen is fully equipped and there is generous storage space.  The fixed rear bed featuring our hotel grade mattress allows you to leave it made up throughout your vacation.  The MHC does not have a slide out.  
Sleeps 4 Adults
Sleeps 2 Children
6.8 L
Engine Size
Interior Height
24' 6"
Vehicle Length
Get RV Rental Pricing & Availability

Floor Plans



The rear queen bed ad overcab beds are fixed for both day and night layouts.  The dinette is available during the day for eating and hanging out and can be converted to a small bed if necessary. 

Note that floor plans may vary within each vehicle category. Specific layouts cannot be guaranteed.


The rear and overcab twin beds are fixed and day and night layouts do not change.  The dinette can be converted if necessary into a 44" x 68" bed to accommodate two small children or one small adult.

Note that floor plans may vary within each vehicle category. Specific layouts cannot be guaranteed.

Ford Driver Technology Package

CanaDream is passionate about Guest Safety and is happy to include the latest Ford safety features in all of our custom-built vehicles.   The Ford Driver Technology Package includes

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See what others have to say about their RV vacations in Canada in our MHB Midi Motorhome.

Instructional Videos

Our Instructional Videos are available for viewing in German, French, Dutch and English on our How To Videos page.

Full length version
Fresh Water Fill and City Water Hookup
Electrical Hookup
Emptying the Waste Tanks
Sitting in the Driver's Seat
Now let's look inside
Operating the Fridge
Operating the Furnace
Roof Air Conditioner
Monitor Panel
Hot Water System
Operating the Slideout
Operating the Generator
Converting the Dinette
Overcab Beds
Use a Spotter
Thank you for being our Guest
Welcome to CanaDream
Winter RV Instructional Video

Explore in 3D

Be Prepared

Travel Tips

Before getting in the driver’s seat, always observe the area around the RV. A car, bicycle, person or tree branch may be behind, near the top, or beside the RV and remain unseen until it’s too late. There are blind spots that must be checked when parking or backing up.

The Canadream Club App can be downloaded through iOS or Android devices. It will allow you to communicate with CanaDream and access CanaDream Club discounts.

RVs are much taller than conventional vehicles. At least 4.0m (13 feet) of clearance is required. There are units on the roof such as the air conditioner, solar panels and vents that add height. Consider height when approaching: gasoline/petrol stations, under passes, tunnels, bridges, toll booths. The RV will not fit in parking garages or in drive-thru lanes.

Check Monitor Panel readings regularly. Careful usage and monitoring of RV resources as you use them avoids problems. Always be aware of the rate at which you are using fresh water, propane, available 12 Volt power and waste tank capacity. 

The RV has a gasoline/petrol or diesel engine. DO NOT FILL IT WITH THE WRONG FUEL!

Always schedule the next Sani-Dump before reaching full. Using the campsite or other public facilities will extend the time between draining the tanks.

Be aware of obstacles inside and outside of the RV when operating the slide. Do not, under any circumstance, drive with the slide in the OUT position. 

The RV has a larger turning radius and will require more room than an automobile. Always reduce speed before turning and watch for tail swing.

Drive Safely in North America

View our video for tips about driving safely as you experience Canada and North America at your own pace.  Our video is available in English, French and German.

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