From one major Canadian city, Toronto, to another, Vancouver, this three-week road trip is a Canadian experience you won’t forget.
Combine the adventure and adrenalin of a 5-7 day Canadian Canoe Route tour with a touch of heritage along the Rideau Canal Route and you have the perfect recipe for a fun-filled RV vacation in Southern Ontario.
Our Circle Lake Ontario tour will take you on a spectacular journey featuring covered bridges, beautiful gardens, fertile wine country, towering waterfalls, narrow shipping canals, weathered lighthouses, stunning coastal scenery and incredible sunsets.
For centuries, Lake Erie was the lifeblood of the cities and communities bordering its shores, its deep water ports welcoming ships, there to transport goods manufactured by surrounding industries to world markets.
The sheer brilliance of Ontario’s fall foliage, sunny days, cool evenings and colors that will take your breath away, will have you in awe on this two week roadtrip.
Get up close and personal with nature along the Georgian Bay Coastal Route. Follow this 15-day itinerary around the Bay, stopping at the best natural attractions.

Top: MHA and SVC. Bottom: DVC and TCA There are a few things to consider when planning and booking a road trip. Consider the size of RV that you need . This is normally based on how many people are travelling in the party. Two people can travel in the smallest Can...

The fur trade was an early draw for settlers who used canoe routes to trade with the indigenous people. Follow the fur route and learn about its history and development.
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