Rocky Mountain House is located 215 kilometres north of Calgary. The town draws its rich and colourful past from the North Saskatchewan River, the connection to the wild western region of the country.

Fur traders used the river to transport their valuable pelts to the east, within and over the great Rocky Mountain Range. It was the prominent location of the confluence of the Clearwater and North Saskatchewan River where the two competing fur trading companies of the 1800s, the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company decided to set up trading posts. Both companies had the idea of using this site as a jumping off point for exploration of routes to the Pacific Coast, as well as for fur trading.

The Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site is one of Canada’s finest examples of how the fur trade helped to shape the nation and how the indigenous people of Canada, better known as First Nations, played a vital role in building the trade. Both Cree and Blackfoot First Nations had traded in the area. Today's visitors can enjoy the exhibits, walk through archaeological remains of the four forts and get hands-on experience with Metis skills of the fur trade.

For those wanting to explore, there are a number of historic trails within the serenity of the area - a campers' and hikers' dream with hidden gems and spectacular scenery showcasing mother nature at its best. Rocky Mountain House and the nearby area has everything to satisfy one's craving for adventure. Awe-inspiring scenery, fascinating history, exciting culture, endless recreation for every season and excellent amenities to make a stay seamless.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site
  • Visit Bubble Lake
  • Learn the original hoop dance
  • Fishing
  • Explore the Rockies

Summer Time!

Rocky Mountain House, located in West Central Alberta's David Thompson Country, is where you can explore and experience adventure in nature.

Video courtesy of David Thompson Country

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