Osoyoos is quality located in the South Okanagan, just minutes away from the Canada / United States border. Osoyoos and the region is renowned for its hot, dry climate, Canada’s warmest lake, a newly build waterfront marina and a variety of summer fun activities such as boating, swimming and beach walks.

Osoyoos is also the gateway to more than 180 wineries in the Okanagan Valley - one of Canada’s premier grape-growing regions. From quiet family-run boutique vineyards to world-class operations, these wineries are rich in tradition and character, consistently ranking among the world’s best at international competitions. Visitors should plan a winery tour with wine tasting and specially matched culinary experiences when visiting the South Okanagan.

Osoyoos is at the centre of Canada’s only semi arid desert, and daytime highs often pass the 40 degree Celsius mark in the summer. This phenomenon can be explained by the unique geographical location of the South Okanagan Valley which lies within the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains to the southwest, inside the Great Basin desert region.

So, go ahead and enjoy the warm weather. Make sure you visit the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre and the Osoyoos Desert Centre and get hands-on with the exhibits and trails exploring the local desert ecosystem. Check out the museum to trace down the town’s rich history with aboriginal and pioneer artifacts.

On a narrow spit jutting out from the west shore of the lake, bird rich Swiws Provincial Park and Haynes Point feature a First Nation archeological site. A walk on the Chopaka Lookout Trail will reward you with sensational views of Mount Chopaka inside Washington State.

Osoyoos is also known as a fruit growing centre, in particular for soft fruit such as peaches and cherries which you can purchase at the roadside stands.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Osoyoos Lake beaches
  • Spotted Lake
  • Wine Tasting
  • Hike Mount Kobau
  • Get fresh local fruit from orchards

The Warmest Welcome

Experience the hot, sunny weather, warm water, fresh fruit and local wine that Osoyoos is known for.

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