Moncton lies at the geographic centre of the Maritime provinces and is New Brunswick's largest city.

Two national parks lie within an hour's drive of Moncton, while one of the warmest salt water beaches north of Virginia meets the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in nearby Shediac. To the south-east, New Brunswick's signature natural attraction, the Hopewell Rocks, can be reached in 30 minutes. With so much nature surrounding the city, it's an ideal base for RV exploration in the area.

A popular tourism draw is the Magnetic Hill where the topography gives the illusion you are going uphill when you are actually going down. Magnetic Hill is home to a nationally accredited zoo, the largest in Atlantic Canada, a water park and a large outdoor concert site.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • RCMP Memorial
  • Wander through Centennial Park
  • Defy gravity at Magnetic Hill
  • Learn about Moncton's history at Resurgo Place
  • Attend a concert at the Capitol Theatre

Fill in

Discover your wild side at Moncton's Magnetic Hill Zoo
Video courtesy of NB Tourism

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