Warm and friendly, St Jacobs knows how to roll out the welcome mat.

St Jacobs is an ideal place to visit on a motorhome holiday - there's numerous RV parks nearby and RV parking is plentiful.

This quintessential village of around 2000 people has its roots embedded in the simple lifestyle of "Old Order" Mennonites who settled in the area in the mid 19th century. While the town has become an established tourist destination, the Mennonite influence is still evident everywhere in the town. Horse-drawn buggies and cars share roads, Mennonite farmers sell their produce at the Farmers' Market and visitors to the Mennonite Interpretation centre can learn about the Mennonite people in the township.

St Jacobs however is much more. Historic structures abound and visitors are welcomed into buildings such as the Village Silos, the Mill Shed and the Old Factory, where artisans make and sell pottery, quilts, glassware, designer clothing and much more.

Home base to Canadian hardware giant, Home Hardware, the first store opened in St Jacobs in 1964. A museum showing memorabilia from the past can be found in the Mill. In a nearby building, corn brooms are still being manufactured the old-fashioned way - watch as they take shape, or perhaps enjoy a beer or two at St Jacobs own craft brewery.

St Jacobs - Out of the Ordinary, Not Out of the Way.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • St Jacobs Farmers' Market
  • Mennonite Story Visitor Centre
  • Visit the Old Mill to see artisans at work
  • West Montrose Covered Bridge
  • Stop for a beer at Block Three Brewing

Seeped in Mennonite History

Charming and out of the ordinary, St Jacobs has much to offer.  Here the past mingles with the present in total harmony.  Horse drawn buggies share roads with modern cars and Mennonite farmers till the soil in traditional ways.  Watch the video on this extraordinary place then go see it for yourself.
Video courtesy of CanaDream/Tim Harradine

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