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If you look at a map of Canada, you’ll find British Columbia on the far left – it’s the westernmost province in Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

Population-wise, it is Canada’s third largest province, being home to an estimated 5 million people.

British Columbia offers some of the most diverse scenery in Canada. From fjords and rainforests to wineries, beaches and mountains, there’s something on offer for all holiday makers. Packing it all in to one vacation however can present some planning challenges – that’s why you should rent an RV and have your accommodation and transport rolled into one neat package.

CanaDream has a convenient RV pick up location in Delta, not far from the Vancouver International Airport. We can also offer suggestions for hotels, campgrounds and things to do while on your British Columbia vacation.

Yearly weather average
Dec - Feb
3° / 9° C
Mar - May
4° / 18° C
Jun - Aug
10° / 24° C
Sep - Nov
5° / 20° C

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