New Brunswick is the western-most of the three Maritime provinces on Canada’s east coast.
Unlike the other Maritime provinces New Brunswick's terrain is mostly forested, making it less densely-populated than the rest of the Maritimes. Most cities and towns lie close to the Coast or along one of the main highways crossing the province.  Central to tourism here is the Bay of Fundy, Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks.   The Bay of Fundy is home to the world’s highest tides with 115 billion tonnes of water flowing in and out of the bay during a 12 hour tidal period.  At low tide, it’s possible to explore the ocean floor, whilst at high tide, the ocean floor disappears under 15 metres of salt water. Pretty phenomenal!
Yearly weather average
Dec - Feb
-13° / 7° C
Mar - May
-7° / 16° C
Jun - Aug
9° / 23° C
Sep - Nov
-1° / 19° C

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