Wild, mountainous and sparsely populated - these are just some of the things that draw thousands of visitors to Canada's north every year.
An RV road trip in the Yukon enables you to soak in the scenery, chat with the locals and find out just what makes the Yukon Territory such a special place. Yukon’s capital, Whitehorse, is a pick-up point for RV rentals, enabling you to get out and explore the unspoiled beauty of the Territory. Whitehorse is a city of around 25000 people and is the main service area for the rest of the Yukon.

The Yukon is also the land gateway to Alaska. Thousands of travelers pass through each year en route to Skagway, Haines and other popular places on the Alaskan “Mainland”.   On the road trip bucket list for many is the opportunity to drive to the Arctic Circle, the most northerly of the five major circles of latitude on maps of the Earth. In this area, on the summer solstice, the sun is above the hroizon for 24 continuous hours.
Yearly weather average
Dec - Feb
-14° / -5° C
Mar - May
-2° / 12° C
Jun - Aug
11° / 22° C
Sep - Nov
-1° / 10° C

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