August 23, 2021

With much of the country still basking in summer sunshine, thoughts of Fall may be far from everyone's minds. It's closer than you think!  Depending upon whether your seasons are measured metrologically or equinoctially, Fall has either arrived or is only weeks away.  It's a great time to take an RV vacation and enjoy the wonderful things the fall season brings.

While summer is the most popular time for RV travel, sunny autumn days, coupled with cool campfire nights, make for awesome RV vacations in September and October. Leaves will be turning soon to display a spectacular array of colours and you might be asking yourself Where can I find the best Fall Colours in Canada? Fall also means that campgrounds across Canada will be more easily accessible. The same great attractions, hikes and activities are out there – you just get to enjoy them in a more relaxed way. So, what are some of the things you should know before you set out on a fall RV vacation?

  1. Find an RV for your vacation. If you don’t own your own rig or trailer, are you planning to rent an RV for this adventure? If so, research rental companies and read customer reviews. Check to see whether there are any fall relocation specials available for your chosen dates.  The East Coast in particular is a spectacular backdrop during Fall for memorable RV vacations.  Our locations in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax look forward to welcoming you as our Guests.
  2. Research your intended travel itinerary or destination. Are you planning to move around or stay in one place? Many RV rental companies don’t include kilometres – consider how many you may need to pre-purchase to complete your vacation. Consider any additional items you may need to add to your RV booking such as additional drivers, lawn chairs, bedding, insurance etc.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your RV rental company, read their insurance coverage and terms and conditions thoroughly. What is their cancellation policy if you find you can’t travel?
  4. Know what you are planning to do on your vacation. Do you need to book campgrounds in advance? Are your chosen attractions and activities still operating on your travel dates?
  5. Pack for all seasons! This might be true throughout the year in Canada but more so in the Fall. Warm, sunny days are still more the norm, but temperatures can change rapidly from day to day. Layering is a great option when considering what to bring. Make sure all campers pack a warm jacket or coat for those cool evenings around the campfire!
  6. Be bear-aware. As the days become colder, bears and other animals tend to be at lower elevations. Don’t leave food out around your campsite to attract them. Read our Fall Travel Information guide for more information.
  7. Drive according to the conditions. At higher elevations, there is a possibility that you may encounter snow.
  8. Ensure your propane is never below ¼ full. Cool nights often mean your RV furnace will be running frequently – you don’t want to wake up in a cold RV!
  9. Manage your RV resources. If you are not planning to hook up to an external power source (such as campsite power), only run the lights inside the RV necessary to see what you are doing. Also remember that your 110V power plugs and microwave won’t operate if you are not hooked up to external power. You can run the RV generator where required but remember there is an additional charge, both in usage and in fuel.
  10. Enjoy yourself! Relative solitude, combined with stunning fall colours as the surrounding landscape morphs into shades of red, yellow and gold, provide a unique travel experience you simply can’t emulate in any other season.
Booking your fall RV vacation is as simple as going to our website to research pricing and available vehicles or, if you prefer, contact us by online chat or by emailing us.  We're here to assist you!

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