December 2, 2020

5 reasons why a gift certificate for RV travel makes sense this Christmas.
December has arrived, along with the sometimes-difficult decision about what to buy for loved ones as Christmas gifts. 2020 has clipped our wings insofar as international travel goes but given us a golden opportunity to become acquainted with our own provinces, often discovering hidden gems we never knew existed. While there is some light at the end of the COVID tunnel, travelling internationally will still be limited in 2021, but that doesn’t mean that travel is ‘off the table’. Canada is a big country – itching to be explored – and a gift certificate for RV travel makes sense for so many reasons:


  • RVs are perfect for physical distancing. While COVID-19 is still around us, an RV puts you in control of your own environment. CanaDream is a certified #SafeTravels company, ensuring that the RV you receive has been cleaned and sanitized to global standards
  • RV Travel gives you total flexibility – with your own cabin on wheels, you decide your itinerary without being tethered to a schedule
  • RV vacations allow you to reconnect with nature. From morning walks to picnic table meals and evenings by the campfire under a starlit sky - nature is all around you
  • Travelling in an RV enables you to prepare your own meals, saving money and ensuring minimal physical contact with non-family members
  • RV travel allows you to bring your pets with you – after all, they are (or so they believe) the most important members of your household!
CanaDream Gift Certificates can be purchased for anyone at any time of the year for any monetary amount. They never expire and can be redeemed for any rental across our seven stations. If you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further than a CanaDream Gift Certificate!

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