Pet Policy


Want to go on vacation with your dog or cat? You can with CanaDream!

We are pet friendly at all our RV branches across Canada and we totally understand that your vacation will be even more enjoyable accompanied by your favourite furry friend.

Most RV campgrounds across Canada are pet friendly too and provide the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors with your pet. We do recommend that Guests check in advance of booking any campsite, what their pet policy is to ensure their pet will be welcome and what their pet regulations are.

CanaDream is happy for Guests to bring their pet (dog or cat) on their RV vacation with payment of a pet fee. We do ask that the RV is returned in its original condition and that Guests naturally clean up after their pets. Should additional pet cleaning be required or repairs are necessary on account of damage by a pet, additional cleaning/repair charges will be applied at drop off.

Bona fide service animals can travel in our RV's free of charge with prior permission. The same conditions for return of the RV apply to service animals.

How to bring your pet on your RV vacation?
Guests must tell us in advance that they wish to bring their pet and pay the pet fee, ideally at the time of booking, but certainly before the day of pick up. Should Guests bring their pet on their road trip without paying the pet fee, we will apply the fee at drop off.

Pet Questions:
What do you class as a pet?
          o We are happy for Guests to bring their dog or cat in our RVs.
How many pets are allowed in each RV?
          o We are happy for up to 2 pets per booking.
Why do you charge a pet fee?
          o Extra time is required after drop-off to sanitize the RV and remove pet smells. The fee excludes additional cleaning which may be required on account of your pet. 
How will I know if I must pay additional cleaning charges?
          o Our terms require all Guests to return the RV in the condition it was picked up in. With Guests travelling with pets, this same policy applies. Should additional cleaning be required on top of the regular sanitizing due to the pet, our agents will inform Guests when the drop-off inspection has taken place. Some examples of extra charges payable are:  manually tweezing pet hairs out of RV seats, steam cleaning pet waste stains, repairing damaged upholstery and cupboard trim.
What if someone in my RV has a pet allergy?
          o We deep clean every RV after it has been on the road and if a previous renter has had a pet in the unit, it will  have been thoroughly cleaned. However, we do not consider our RV’s allergy free and therefore there is always some risk of allergies being affected. Guests with any allergy should talk to our agents at time of booking and we will do our best to prepare the vehicle to mitigate those allergies.

Please note that Guests travelling with pets are required to arrange their own transportation to and from CanaDream.  We are unable to carry pets in our transfer service.