Most Common Asks

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Yes. They will be automatically calculated and added to your reservation.
Yes.  When you book an RV vacation with CanaDream you can also purchase a Parks Canada Discovery Pass which is valid for one year from the day you get it.  Learn more about purchasing a Parks Canada Discovery Pass from CanaDream here.


Generally speaking, you are permitted to travel on any roads in the United States and Canada which are federal or provincially numbered roads.  Travel on any roads in the United States is subject to our US driving surcharge.  Travel in northern parts of Canada is subject to our Northern Surcharge.

Guests are however not permitted to travel on some routes in the Yukon and Alaska, along with roads in Northern Quebec and Labrador at any time.  See "Prohibited Travel Areas" and "Restricted Travel Areas" in our FAQ section for full details of these routes.

There are some urban restrictions within Canada and the United States where Guests are not allowed to park or travel through.  Please see "Urban Travel Restrictions" in our FAQ section for details.

If the driver's license from your own country is in English, you do not need an International license. If your license is in a language other than English, we strongly recommend you bring an International License, together with the license from your own country. For translation purposes, an International Driver's License will ensure ease of use in Canada and the United States. Please note that an International License is not valid on its own for driving in Canada and the USA. The International License must also be accompanied by a valid driver's license issued in your own country.
We are happy to welcome your pet travelling with you with payment of a pet fee.  We ask that Guests tell us in advance if they wish to bring their pet and require Guests to ensure their pet does not cause any damage to the RV. Should additional pet cleaning be required at drop off, extra cleaning charges will apply. Please refer to our pet policy for more information.

Where space is available, we are happy for CanaDream Guests to park a car at our location while heading off on an RV road trip. This is strictly subject to availability in our lot and based on a first come first served basis. Reservations for parking are not possible and only one car is allowed per booking. We cannot offer any guarantee that parking will be available on any given day. Where parking is available, there will be no charge to the Guest except at our Montreal and Toronto locations where a parking fee of $35 plus tax applies, regardless of the duration of the booking.

Our partnerships with airport parking facilities provide Guests with a discount offer for parking at their secure lots. Please make your booking direct with the parking provider. CanaDream does not offer a transfer service to/from the parking provider's storage lot. Guests must arrange their own transport.

We are also happy to provide offers from our airport hotel partners for short-term parking if you stay one night at their establishment (hotel offers apply only when booking through CanaDream Club).

View current hotel and parking offers here.


Please go to our Transfers page to view the latest information about transfers.

Select your pickup and dropoff locations and dates in the booking box on the left, click on "Rent an RV" and away you go! CanaDream's real-time availability and pricing will let you see the price of your RV vacation immediately.  We are happy to honour the price you receive on your quote for up to five days from the date of the quote. After five days, the quote will expire and a new quote will be required.

A booking is only confirmed when we receive a $ 500.00 deposit. If the booking date falls 30 days prior to the pick up day, then we will require full payment at the time of booking. Please contact our reservations department between 08:00 and 17:00 MST at 1-800-347-7126 (toll free within North America), or 403-259-5447 if calling from Calgary, Alberta.   You may also contact us by email at

We are happy to provide kitchen and/or linen kits for a small additional fee.  ​See our current pricing sheet for more details. One kitchen kit is required per RV and one linen kit is required for each person travelling.  Guests can choose to bring their own linen items if they wish.  See what is included in our kitchen and linen kits.
While we are happy for our Guests to book for any number of nights, we have a minimum rental charge based on 5 nights year-round.  The cost will vary and is dependent on rates applicable at time of booking.
One driver is included in the rental cost. There is an additional driver charge  per night for the entire rental period per additional driver. There is no coverage should an unauthorized driver be involved in an accident. 
Smoking of any kind is not permitted in our RVs. This includes vaping, cigarettes and recreational cannibis. If vape odour, cigarette or cannibis use is detected in the unit at drop-off, a defuming and sanitizing charge will be applied. See our pricing page for current charge.
Where a booking has been made with a deposit down payment, the full and final balance payment is required no later than 30 days prior to the pick up day. 
Where Guests chose to pay in full at the time of booking to enjoy additional savings, full payment is required at the time of booking confirmation.
Some special offers (e.g. relocations) require full payment to be made at the time of booking.
We are happy to accept payments made by Mastercard, Visa or American Express cards see payment options for full details. 
All Guests must present a valid credit card at the time of pick up (see section on Security Deposit)