Drop off of the Vehicle

We do not provide transfers to or from the airport or airport hotels at any of our locations.  Taxi fare information is available on our Locations pages.

You will select your vehicle drop-off time from a selection of available drop-off times. Standard drop off is between 8-10am during the summer months (May to October).  Later drop-off times may be available (for a fee) during summer. We require you to drop off within the selected hour slot to avoid additional late drop-off charges.  We open at 9am in winter and Guests in winter rentals may select a later available drop-off time at no charge.

As long as the vehicle is returned in a clean, undamaged condition with all equipment and any kitchen/linen kits returned (and holding tanks emptied), the drop-off takes approximately ½ hour.  If you have a flight booking soon after drop-off, you should drop off your RV with plenty of time to get to your next destination.
Yes, unless you have purchased our optional Platinum package at pick up, both the gray and black waste tanks must be emptied at an appropriate dump station before the unit is returned. If the vehicle is returned without being emptied, a charge applies.

See our current pricing sheet for more details.
You will receive the vehicle with at least ¼ tank of fuel. You must return it with the fuel at the same level as pick up or you will be charged a fuel fee. Please note that the fuel level is calculated using the gauge and not by the estimated km to E shown above the gauge, as the km to E does not always correctly show the fuel level. .Please see our pricing sheet for current charges for the fuel fee. Propane tanks may be returned empty.  We do not offer a refund if the vehicle is returned with more fuel than at pickup.  The Vehicle Specification page on our website provides you with the fuel tank capacity for each of our vehicle types. You are welcome to use this as a rough guide in calculating the number of litres required to return the vehicle at the same fuel level as pick up.

Guests are required at pick up to read and sign our "Before you drop off your RV" document. This document is available in English, French, German, and Dutch.
If there is any discrepancy between the wording on the English document and that on the French, German, or Dutch versions, the wording on the English version will apply.

If you  have not purchased one of our optional "We are happy to" packages at pick up and choose not to clean your RV prior to drop off, cleaning charges will apply.

See our current pricing sheet for more details.

A late drop-off fee will be charged for each hour the vehicle is not returned on or before the drop-off time stated in your rental agreement. Please see our pricing page for current charge per hour.
Sorry.  We are unable to offer you a refund if you decide to drop off your RV before the drop-off date shown in your rental agreement.
We recommend that our Guests use the planning tools on our website to calculate the approximate number of kilometres they will require for their vacation.  As we do not provide Guests with refunds for unused kilometres, we suggest that Guests do not pre-purchase more kilometres than they calculate they will need.
We are happy to offer our Guests optional packages to enable them to have peace of mind on their RV vacations and enjoy their holiday until the last possible moment.  Our We are happy to options range from windshield coverage to bringing the RV back without emptying the grey and black water tanks or cleaning the interior or exterior of the vehicle.  Please view our We are happy to leaflet for information on inclusions.