Security Deposit & Liability Reduction

CanaDream requires a security deposit of up to $3,000 to be paid during online check in (Standard Liability).  Your security deposit will be noted in your booking confirmation email and in your booking invoice.  The amount of the security deposit will be charged to your credit card (card holder must be present at pick up). 
You are required to have enough funds available in your credit card for the transaction to be successful.  On return of the RV, in the condition it was picked up in, the security deposit will be refunded.  See Insurance Coverage for the maximum liabilities that are applied to damages and incidents.
CanaDream offers options that reduce the Guest’s financial responsibility for covered physical damage to the Rental Vehicle.
 Liability Reduction and Liability Reduction Zero are not insurance, but are contractual agreements between CanaDream and the Guest, wherein CanaDream agrees to seek reduced or no recovery for covered physical damage to the Rental Vehicle, subject to exclusions.
  • Liability Reduction (LR)* – selecting this product reduces the Guest liability to $1,000.
  • Liability Reduction Zero (LRZ)* - selecting this product reduces the Guest liability to $0. Also covers windshield/tire replacement but not call out charges. Exclusions apply- see incidents not covered
*Applies in respect of the first incident and/or claim, not the entire duration of the rental. Once an incident has occurred Liability Reduction/Zero cannot be restarted and standard insurance terms will apply. The incident must be reported to within 24 hours otherwise the cover will not be applicable.
The grid below outlines the cost of each liability reduction option: 

 Please Note:
  • Liability Reduction/Liability Reduction Zero will not cover any damage listed as “All Costs” from the Incident description (See Insurance Coverage) such as but not limited to the Rental Vehicle or third-party property caused through reversing, any damage deemed as malicious i.e. Rental Vehicle break in or vandalism, cover the replacement or repair of windows or cover the theft of the Vehicle.
  • No coverage is offered for overhead damage, undercarriage damage, any damage deemed as gross negligence or any internal damages therefore full liability will apply. 
  • Liability reduction options require a minimum 5-night charge and up to a maximum of 30 nights charge. E.g., if a booking is for 40 nights, the maximum charge for any liability reduction option will be 30 nights.
  • A liability reduction option can be selected any time from booking to RV pick up stage. Once the RV is on the road liability options cannot be added or changed.
  • A liability reduction option can be altered before pick up e.g. If a guest selects Liability reduction during booking, they can upgrade to Liability Reduction Zero at or before pick up.