Pick up of the Vehicle

Transfers - effective from 2 December 2019 onwards

CanaDream is happy to offer a transfer service for a nominal fee as outlined in our transfer policy available at Transfers.

We require a valid driver's license (must be valid until at least the day after drop-off day) for all drivers. In addition, we require a passport for international guests or an ID card for our U.S. Guests.
Yes. As long as you are picking up and dropping off at the same location, you are welcome to unpack your suitcase in your motorhome and leave it at our rental location. We are happy to store your suitcase until you return. There is no charge for this service.
Only 1-ply toilet paper is suitable for use in our RVs. This breaks down quicker than 2 and 3 ply paper and doesn't clog the sewage system. 1-ply toilet paper is available from RV supply stores and some supermarkets. It is also sold at CanaDream locations. Please note that Guests are responsible for the cost of clearing clogged tanks where the incorrect toilet paper has been used.
Years of experience renting RVs to visitors around the world has shown that RV awnings are a frequently  damaged item, resulting in expensive repair bills for Guests and unnecessary disruption to their vacations. For this reason we have made the reluctant decision to disable these for Guest use and wish to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by our decision.
Generators are factory fitted to most of our units.  Our TCA truck and camper category does not have generators, nor do some of our deluxe van campers (DVC) models. Between 1 October and 30 April, generator use is free of charge. From 1 May to 30 September, Guests are welcome to have unlimited use of the generator at a nightly rate to a maximum of $100. We do not guarantee that the vehicle you receive at pick up will be equipped with a generator.

See our current pricing sheet for more details.
We schedule the pick-up time of our vehicles between 13:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Sunday (Monday to Saturday between 1 October and 30 April.)  Arriving at a station without a scheduled pick-up time may result in delays.

Phoning us on the morning of your pick-up to schedule a time will minimize your wait at our location and assist you in getting on the road as quickly as possible. Before you pick up your vehicle, we need to ensure it has been cleaned thoroughly and checked mechanically, so your pick-up time will be allocated based on the ready time of your RV. Toll-free numbers for each station can be found under the Locations menu on this page.

You can also call to arrange transportation to the station from airport or airport area hotels. We would like to make your experience as pleasant and efficient as possible but do require your co-operation!

From the time you arrive until you leave our station, it may take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Please count on approximately ½ hour for the paper work. The vehicle instruction may take anywhere between ½ to 1½ hours depending on how familiar you are with an RV.

Allocating this amount of time ensures that all your questions can be clearly answered, and that you are fully aware of how to operate your vehicle before you leave on your trip.
We guarantee that all our units will be "ready to go" when you receive them. They will be thoroughly cleaned, with fully charged batteries, full tanks of propane, and empty holding tanks. If you have chosen to include our convenience kit option, we will ensure that they are complete and that they have been placed in your vehicle.
Yes.  From May 1 to September 30, CanaDream is open on Sundays and our normal pick-up and drop-off times apply.  From October 1 to April 30, we are open on Sundays on request only and a fee per occurrence may apply. Our Edmonton location is closed on Sundays year round.
A refundable $1000.00 security deposit will be processed on a credit card at the time of pick up. This deposit MUST be made by credit card and will be refunded to the same card at drop off as long as the vehicle is returned in a clean and undamaged condition with all equipment and/or convenience kits returned. In addition, an open credit card imprint is taken with all rentals and it will be destroyed at the time of drop-off.
Insurance against damage to your RV and to third party property is included in your rental cost.  There is a minimum deductible applicable of $1000.  This deductible however is dependent upon the type of accident or incident which has occurred while the vehicle is in the possession of the Guest.  Please make yourself familiar with the complete details of the insurance coverage included with your booking prior to picking up your RV.
Please go to our Terms and Conditions page for full details. You will be required to sign this document when you pick up your vehicle. We recommend you take the time to read this prior to arrival so you are familiar with these terms.
Our fleet of vehicles is in top mechanical condition. In the unlikely event that a mechanical failure occurs, Guests are authorized to proceed with the necessary repairs up to $100.00. For expenses over $100.00, guests must telephone our on-road assistance team for authorization before proceeding with repairs. Replacement parts must be returned to the rental station for reimbursement. Guests assume full responsibility for damage to tires and undercarriage. Oil, tire pressure and coolant must be checked at each refueling. Costs for oil will be refunded upon presentation of receipts. The company's responsibility is limited to the refund of the daily gross rate, or portion thereof, if the breakdown repair is longer than 48 hours.
We make every effort to ensure our Guests receive the vehicle type they book.  However, if, for any reason beyond the company's control, the reserved vehicle is not available, CanaDream reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equivalent value or offer a higher rated vehicle at no additional cost. Should a lower rated vehicle be substituted, the company's only responsibility is to refund the difference between the two vehicles. Although this is infrequent, accidents or mechanical repairs may force substitutions
Generally speaking, you are permitted to travel on any roads in the United States and Canada which are federal or provincially numbered roads.  Travel on any roads in the United States is subject to our US driving surcharge.  Travel in northern parts of Canada is subject to our Northern Surcharge.

Guests are however not permitted to travel on some routes in the Yukon and Alaska, along with roads in Northern Quebec and Labrador at any time.  See "Prohibited Travel Areas" and "Restricted Travel Areas" in our FAQ section for full details of these routes.

There are some urban restrictions within Canada and the United States where Guests are not allowed to park or travel through.  Please see "Urban Travel Restrictions" in our FAQ section for details.


Sorry, we do not rent baby cribs. Please check with our reservations Cast for the name and phone number of companies who offer this service.

You can rent:

  • Lawn Chairs
  • Bike Racks for 4 bikes
  • Child Seats
  • Toaster
  • Travel Tab (click here for more information on this product) 
Please see our Pricing page for updated pricing.

For rentals during winter months the following items may be available:

  • Chains
  • Electric Heater
  • Vent pillows
We are happy to sell Guests RV chemical drop ins and RV toilet paper at a competitive price.  If you would prefer to purchase these elsewhere, you can find them at RV supply stores and in some campground stores.
We are happy to offer our Guests optional packages to enable them to have peace of mind on their RV vacations and enjoy their holiday until the last possible moment.  Our "We are happy to" options range from windshield coverage to bringing the RV back without emptying the grey and black water tanks or cleaning the interior or exterior of the vehicle.  Please view our "We are happy to" leaflet for information on inclusions.
We are happy for CanaDream Guests to park a car at our location while heading off on an RV road trip. This is strictly subject to availability in our lot and based on a first come first served basis, Reservations for parking are not possible and only one car is allowed per booking. CanaDream does not accept any responsibility for cars parked at our location.
CanaDream has limited Guest parking in our locations and roadside parking can be heavily restricted or not available. Parking is strictly subject to availability and based on a first come first served basis. Reservations for parking are not possible and, where available, parking is restricted to one vehicle per reservation. CanaDream does not accept any responsibility for cars parked at our location.
There are some important things we'd like you to know about your RV before you pick it up.  Please read our information sheet called "Important things to know before you pick up your RV" which is available on our website in English, French, German and Dutch.   This information is also included with the documents you will be asked to read and accept during the Online Check-in process.