Additional Rental Items

Kitchen and Linen kits are available for an additional cost per person.  When you add kitchen and/or linen kits to your booking you can expect to receive the following items.

Kitchen Kit (One per booking except for items marked otherwise) 
Set of 3 pots (small, medium and large)   Frying pan
Kettle   Coffee maker (non-electric)
Mixing bowl   Tea pot
Juice Container   Bottle opener/Corkscrew
Can opener   Cutting board
Casserole dish   Vegetable peeler
Serving Spoon   Whisk
Chef's knife   Bread knife
Slotted spoon   Spatula
Measuring Cup   Colander
Soup ladle   Serving tongs
Heat mat    
Starter size of dish detergent   2 Tea towels
2 Dish cloths   Cutlery tray
One Steak knife per person*   One dinner knife per person*
One Dinner plate per person*   One fork per person*
One Bread plate per person*   One desert spoon per person*
One Soup bowl per person*   One teaspoon per person*
One Coffee mug per person*   One drinking glass per person*

Linen Kit (one per person)
Comforter or blanket**   Pillow
Pillow liner cover   Pillow case
Flat and fitted sheet**   Face cloth*
Hand towel*   Bath towel*

Preparation Kit (one per vehicle)
Each vehicle is equipped with a preparation kit (included in your rental cost) which includes:
One roll of toilet paper   Scissors
Pair of rubber gloves   Bucket
Dustpan and Brush   Flashlight
Clothes Hangers   BBQ Lighter
Doormat   Pliers

* The RV will also be provided with an additional two of each of the items marked with the asterisk.  If you have a two person kit, you will receive four of each item. If a three person kit, you will receive five of each item etc.
**Where two people are travelling together, bedding will be provided for the queen size bed unless we are made aware that bedding is required for two separate beds. Please let us know how many beds you require linens for when you order your kits.


Yes. We are happy to provide 3 in 1 child seats for our Guests for a small fee. During peak season a child seat may be in short supply so we suggest you book these prior to your arrival or bring your own with you. We don't rent portable cribs, strollers or playpens, however our reservations department may be able to give you the name and phone number of companies who can assist with this.


Sorry, we do not rent baby cribs. Please check with our reservations Crew for the name and phone number of companies who offer this service.

You can rent:

  • Lawn Chairs
  • Bike Racks for 4 bikes
  • Child Seat or Child Seats
  • Toaster
Please see our Pricing page for updated pricing.

For rentals during winter months the following items may be available:

  • Chains
  • Electric Heater
  • Vent pillows

Bike racks can be fitted on the tow hitch of our SVC, MHB, MHA and MHX RVs. Unfortunately, due to the rear access doors (emergency exits) on our TCA and DVC units, they cannot be fitted to these vehicles. Guests renting a DVC or TCA would need to carefully carry their bikes inside the vehicle and we would recommend putting the bike into a bike sock to protect the bike and the RV.

We are happy to enable Guests to travel with their bikes and have Swagman bike racks for rent from all of our corporate locations.  These bike racks are suitable for up to four bikes with a maximum carrying capacity of 140lbs.  More information about our bike racks is available here.   Up to date pricing for this product can be found on our Pricing page.