December 14, 2022

There are a few activities that are a part of the ideal winter experience in Canada. For some, this might include indoor activities, like baking or sitting by the fireplace, but many people will immediately think of doing something outdoors. Although the weather is Canada can get frigid during the winter, few people shy away from spending time outside.

Freezing weather might be annoying while you’re trying to get to work or carry groceries inside, but it creates the perfect conditions for the outdoor activities that Canada is famous for. This type of weather is perfect for ice skating!

Ice skating is a quintessential wintertime activity, and you can find amazing skating rinks all over Canada that you can visit along your RV trip. Step out of the RV and do something fun like skating, check out these awesome places to ice skate in Canada.

Olympic Plaza Rink Calgary

Canada has hosted its fair share of Olympic Winter Games over the years. Because of this, you’ll find a few different skating rinks that were originally part of Olympic venues, one of them being the Olympic Plaza Rink in Calgary, used during the 1988 Olympics for the medal ceremony. The area is used as a park during the warmer months, but once winter comes, it’s turned into a large outdoor skating rink. The Olympic Plaza Rink is the only refrigerated skating rink in Calgary. Skating is free of charge, but you do have to pay for skate rentals if you need them.


Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places in the world, seriously. The lake is famous for its turquoise color and is surrounded by jagged mountain ranges. Hiking in the area is popular while it’s warm out, but when it’s not, it’s well worth a visit during the winter. Once the temperature drops, this world-famous lake turns into a huge skating rink. If you enjoy ice skating outdoors, this should be at the top of your list. The views at Lake Louise help this skating rink rank on many lists as the best skating rink in the world. Skating at Lake Louise also has fire pits to warm you up during your trip, as well as an ice sculpture castle that is a great spot for pictures. If you choose Lake Louise, you also have the option to rent skates.

Rideau Canal Skateway

The Rideau Canal Skateway is one of the most famous skating rinks in Canada. Located in Ottawa, the Rideau Canal Skateway is located right in the downtown area, so there’s still plenty to do when you’re finished. That’s what makes this place such a great option. The city gives this skating rink the perfect backdrop, with beautiful views of the Parliament Buildings and the Chateau Laurier. This is also the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink. While many people skate here for fun, there are many people who use it to commute to work. Skating on the Rideau Canal Skateway is free and rentals are available as well.


Harbourfront Centre Rink

For those who love being in the big city, there’s no better ice skating than at Harbourfront Centre Rink. When you skate here, you’re also getting a great view of some of the most iconic features in Toronto, like the CN Tower and Lake Ontario. Its location allows you to easily find a place to eat when you’re finished skating. Skating at Harbourfront Centre Rink is free and rental skates are available.

Red River Mutual Trail

If you’re near Winnipeg, the Red River Mutual Trail is one of the top skating destinations. While you skate along the trail, you’ll get to take in some of the best views in the area. Although the skating at Red River Mutual Trail is enough to make it famous on its own, something that’s given it even more notoriety is it’s warming huts. These warming huts are located throughout the trail to allow you to take a break from skating and warm up. Each hut has its own unique design style. The trail hosts a number of events during the winter season each year and also has skate rentals available.

The Butchart Gardens Outdoor Rink

Butchart Gardens in Victoria is already a popular destination year-round. Many people visit Butchart Gardens for the floral displays, but there’s even more of a reason to visit during the holidays. During the winter, Butchart Gardens opens up an outdoor skating rink surrounded by strands of Christmas lights. During this time, you might even get to listen to Christmas carolers. Of course, there are also indoor activities and warm drinks to enjoy when you aren’t skating.


Olympic Plaza Rink Whistler

The Olympic Plaza Rink in Whistler is another great skating rink that gives you the chance to experience some of Canada’s Olympic pastimes. Located in the village at the Whistler Olympic Plaza, this quaint skating rink is the perfect trip for all skaters. The skating rink in the collage in Whistler was inspired by the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Here, you can enjoy free skating and the option to rent skates. Whistler is well-known for its great winter activities, which makes it easy to do everything you had planned for the winter right here.

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