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January 29th 2020
Once winter hits, it can be difficult to find the motivation to go outside and do something. Many people might not be aware of how many different activities there are to do in Canada during the winter. All over the country for a few months, you can find a variety of different winter festivals. These festivals include all of the traditional winter activities such as ice skating, and many also incorporate all of today’s popular trends, such as axe throwing.

Here are the best winter festivals in Canada in 2020 that give you the perfect way to spend your winter. To get to some of these popular events, rent an RV to make a memorable trip along the way.

Quebec Winter Carnival - Feb 7th-16th

Few places are as magical as Quebec during the winter. The Quebec Winter Carnival is one event you won’t want to miss out on. This winter festival is huge, in fact, it’s the world’s largest winter festival. One of the most notable parts of the Quebec Winter Carnival is Bonhomme, a snowman who is also the mascot of the event. Bonhomme is a huge part of the carnival and you’ll run into his image everywhere you go in Quebec during this week. The Quebec Winter Carnival is the perfect place to warm up with traditional Canadian foods, go ice skating, or watch ice carvings. While you’re there, you can even watch races take place in the icy St. Lawrence River.

Fete des Neiges Montreal Snow Festival 2020 - Jan 18th-Feb 9th

For another great winter festival in Quebec, make sure to check out Fete des Neiges in Montreal. This event lasts for four weekends, giving you plenty of time to get visit Montreal this winter. This year, the festival will include 16 tube slides made from ice, as well as a skating path. You can also participate in a variety of snow games and dog sledding. Every day during the festival, you can watch performances from professional ice sculptors. One of the festival’s most impressive features this year is a large boat carved from ice that attendees are able to walk on.


Jack Frost Festival - Feb 14th-17th

The Jack Frost Winterfest in Charlottetown is the largest winter festival in Atlantic Canada. This is an ideal festival for families, but people of every age will have more than enough to do. Whether you’d like to spend your time walking around the shops and sampling the food or try snow skating and fir throwing, the Jack Frost Winterfest has it all. The festival even offers plenty of opportunities for you to spend some time inside and away from the cold. Here, you can find activities for kids, video games, laser quest, slacklining, and more.

Winter Festival of Lights - Jan 1st-12th

After the holidays are over, you might not be ready to part with some of your favorite decorations just yet. If you’re a fan of light displays, the Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls is the perfect festival for you. The event is so popular that it brings in over one million visitors from all over the world. You can see amazing light displays in several different parks in Niagara, as well as interactive light displays. The light displays aren’t limited to just artificial lighting, either. The Winter Festival of Lights puts off an impressive firework show for guests to enjoy.

Winter Family Day Festival - Feb 15th-17th

One part of winter that many people cherish is Family Day, and there’s no better way to spend time as a family than by going to a winter festival. Of course, every family member will be able to find something they love at the Winter Family Day Festival in Mississauga, Ontario, which has been happening annually for over a decade. There are even activities for the youngest members of your family, which can be difficult to find at some winter festivals. The festival includes some of the top family-friendly activities, such as live performances, inflatable rides, petting zoos, and crafts.

Winterlude - Jan 31st-Feb 17th

Winterlude in Ottawa is one of Canada’s top winter festivals. During Winterlude, you can find winter activities all over Ottawa and Gatineau. Of course, you can’t forget one of the most popular Canadian wintertime activities while you’re there, skating through the Rideau Canal, the world’s longest skating rink. Other activities include snow slides, skiing, snowboarding, and ice sculptures. Throughout Winterlude, you can get the chance to enjoy a wide variety of food vendors, as well as music and dancing.

Igloofest - Jan 16th-Feb 1st

For those who want a winter festival that’s not as traditional, Igloofest in Montreal is the perfect solution. Rather than a festival with a variety of different winter activities, Igloofest is a popular winter music festival. Here, you can see some of the best DJs and performers in the world play while you stay bundled up in winter gear. The festival also includes light shows and a snowsuit competition. This high-energy event is the perfect way to add some excitement to your winter.

Big Winter Classic - Jan 23rd-26th

For another great winter music festival, make sure to add the Big Winter Classic in Calgary to your list. The Big Winter Classic was created to give people the chance to enjoy Calgary all-year-round, giving people a great reason to get out of the house even if it’s cold. This music festival features a variety of different genres over four days. The event also includes outdoor heaters, so that you aren’t too cold when in the below-zero temperatures. You can find more than just music here, there’s also art and food to enjoy.

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