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March 15th 2021

You’ve decided that this year, your vacation destination will be Canada. How do you plan to travel? How long will you be gone? Where do you plan to go?  What is the best RV for family adventures?  These are all questions which come to mind when in the planning stages of your next vacation.

While COVID-19 limited our travel options, it also provided us with an amazing opportunity to discover what’s been right at our doorstep yet pushed aside for seemingly more exciting destinations.

If you don’t have the luxury of owning an RV, RV rental companies have you covered. With many sizes of campers and RVs for rent, our Guide to RV types will ensure you’re sure to find the right one for your family. But how do you know which RV Rental company is right for you?

Most popular for family RV road trips is the Class C. Ranging in length from around 25 to 35 feet, these motorized RVs feature all the conveniences of home and sleep 4-6 people comfortably. CanaDream offers the Maxi Motorhome MHA and Midi Motorhome MHB in this class, the MHB being the smaller option. Class C motorhomes are identifiable by the over cab beds, providing sleeping space for two people (usually in one bed). In CanaDream RVs, the over cab is extended to accommodate two north-south single beds – perfect for families travelling with older children not wanting to share a bed. An extra mattress can be added to make the over cab into one full size bed or to enable three children to occupy that space.

Families travelling with one or two very small children might consider a Class B+. Generally smaller than the Class C, this RV still has all the comforts of home but without the cab over beds. All CanaDream RVs have kitchens, bathrooms and plenty of space to spread out.

Regardless of the RV you choose for your family RV adventure, you can be assured that when you rent a motorhome from CanaDream, we are committed to having you travel safely. You can be assured that the vehicle you receive will have been cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards.

Book your RV vacation today and choose the best RV for your family adventure.

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