November 4, 2019

Out of all the activities that Canada has to offer, skiing is by far one of the most popular. All over the country, you can find the perfect conditions to take a ski trip. The ski resorts you can find in Canada are ranked among some of the best in the world.

These resorts offer amazing trails, beautiful scenic views, chances for après ski activities, and the ideal atmosphere that all skiers will love. No matter where you are in the country or what you’re skill level is, there’s a ski resort for everyone. With so many great options, it might be too hard to even choose just one. Fortunately, traveling in an RV can give you the chance to travel comfortably on your own time and visit many different ski resorts along your journey.

Here are some of the best Canadian ski resorts that you can visit this winter with an RV.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is typically at the top of most lists for the best places to ski in Canada. Located in Banff National Park, Lake Louise is one of the most scenic places in North America. It only gets better during the winter. Being located in a national park also makes it ideal to be reached by RV. Lake Louise has over 4,200 acres of skiing available and there are terrains suitable for every skill level of skier. While beginners can ski comfortable at Lake Louise, advanced skiers, in particular, might enjoy it the most.


For everything that
Lake Louise has to offer, it’s surprisingly one of the more affordable resort options for skiers, yet it can feel like it’s the most luxurious. Lake Louise is only an hour away from Banff, making it easy to travel if you need anything or want to explore the town. There are several options for winter camping around Lake Louise, you can’t camp at the ski resorts as it’s in the National park, but there is great parking at the ski hill for easy access during the day. We recommend VIP parking, so it’s a short walk to and from the lodge and easy to go back to your motorhome at lunch time!

Big White

Out of all the ski resorts in Canada, Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia is generally thought to have the best fresh powder, or snow. If you’re traveling around or near the Okanagan Valley, this resort is the perfect place to take a ski trip to. The type of snow on the mountain is perfect for everyone, but it’s especially good if you’re just learning how to ski. Big White has the largest area for night skiing in the country. This resort is also ideal for people who are traveling as a family, as there’s plenty of activities that skiers of all ages can enjoy. You can camp at the ski resort, there are no power or sewage facilities, but with a CanaDream winter RV you manage your resources to easily camp for a few days without power.



Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Ski Resort is another great option for skiing that you can find in British Columbia. This ski resort is the second largest in Canada, so it has everything you could want in a resort. Snow on the mountains tends to stay dry for a while, creating the perfect skiing conditions. Despite the size of the resort, it’s a great place for skiers of all levels and can help make it easy for new skiers to learn. Because of this, it’s ideal for families. In the village area, you can find a wide variety of outdoor winter activities, restaurants, and even an art museum. For anyone looking for a quaint, quiet place to ski, Sun Peaks is the perfect place.


Whistler Blackcomb

Many people consider Whistler Blackcomb to be one of the best places to ski in the world. Less than two hours from Vancouver, Whistler Blackcomb is great for anyone traveling by RV. Whistler Blackcomb has the largest ski area in North America. Some of the trails at Whistler Blackcomb were even used for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. With so many different terrains, skiers of all levels can enjoy skiing at Whistler Blackcomb. One of the most famous parts of Whistler Blackcomb is Whistler Village, where you can find any amenities you might need. Many skiers know that British Columbia produces some of the best conditions for skiing.


Aside from skiing, you can also enjoy plenty of cultural activities in the area. In Whistler, you can walk through a contemporary art museum, or depending on when you visit, get to see a few movies at the Whistler Film Festival. Whistler has two great RV campsites close by to chose from, so you are well served for winter camping.

Mont Tremblant

One of the most charming ski resorts you can find is Mont Tremblant. At the Mont Tremblant Resort, you can easily see the European influences that Quebec is known for. The resort is only an hour and a half away from Montreal which makes it wildly popular among tourists and locals alike. This also helps to make it one of the best resorts in the country. Skiers of all levels can enjoy skiing at Mont Tremblant, especially if you like alpine skiing. The village helps make Mont Tremblant the most picturesque place for après ski activities. People can spend thousands on a ski trip to Europe, but Mont Tremblant gives you the same experience right in Canada.



For experienced skiers, Revelstoke Mountain is one of the very best in Canada. Famed for the most vertical drop and also, it’s wide and easy access to heli-skiing. Revelstoke offers challenges for every level. The resort has also built a great network of runs for beginner, so the family can also enjoy skiing here too. Revelstoke is located on the “Powder Highway” in British Columbia, so you’ll have the opportunity to try other great resorts like Panorama, Fernie, Kimberley as you travel through the interior of BC. With plentiful light and dry snow, it’s the perfect location all season long. The trails here can be complex and tiring, but advanced skiers from all over agree that it’s more than worth it. To top it off Revelstoke allows RV camping in the main car park, allowing campers easy access to the freshest tracks in the morning.

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