November 1, 2021

With the brief spectacle of fall colour now being replaced by naked branches, the magical winter season is fast approaching. The arrival of snow is welcomed by the die-hard breed of RVers as they embrace the Canadian winter and the opportunities it brings.
This is a time for skiing, snowboarding, show shoeing, ice fishing, curling, hockey and all the adventure only winter can offer and an RV allows for complete flexibility and spontaneity.
Enjoying the freedom of a CanaDream winter RV
While many RVs are built only for three-season use, CanaDream has a fleet of custom-built RVs for rent in winter which allow Guests to use water and all facilities in temperatures as low as -30C. These RVs are equipped with 4 coach batteries, thermal curtains, heated tanks, vent cushions and other extras to keep you warm and toasty but it's still important to manage your RV resources.
The rear bedroom of the CanaDream winter RV is a cosy escape on a cold winter's night
Keep these important points in mind when RVing in winter and you'll enjoy a trouble-free trip.
  • If you're not connected to shore power, limit the number of lights you have on inside the RV to conserve battery power
  • ALWAYS leave your furnace on at a minimum of 16° Celsius. It should be set to Auto/Eco and Heat whether you are in the vehicle or not
  • ALWAYS ensure you have plenty of propane to keep your furnace running. In cold weather you should refill your propane tank before it gets to the ¼ tank level
  • ALWAYS ensure you have plenty of fuel in the fuel tank. It is recommended that you always keep your fuel tank no less than 1/2 full. NOTE! The generator will not run if there is any less than ¼ tank of fuel present
  • ALWAYS have the "ARCTIC PAC" switch turned on. This switch supplies power to heating pads on the holding tanks and keeps the contents of the holding tanks from freezing. These heating pads have built in thermostats and will only heat up when needed. The ARCTIC PAC will only work while plugged into external power at the campground, while the generator is running, or while the engine is running
  • To enhance comfort, please keep the slide completely closed at night and when leaving the vehicle. This will reduce heat loss and therefore reduce how often the furnace turns on. The thermostat can be set to about 18°Celsius. Of course, this temperature can be adjusted to suit your personal comfort needs
  • ALWAYS keep your blinds and curtains closed at night to prevent heat loss. ALWAYS keep your hot water heater on. DO NOT connect to City Water
  • ALWAYS keep the roof vent isolating cushions in. Open your roof vent a little to reduce any condensation issues. ALWAYS run the rear heater when the engine is running. When the engine is not running, plug in the electric heater provided
  • DO NOT put anything in front of the air grilles as this restricts the ability of the furnace to operate efficiently
  • As services are limited in winter, plan in advance where you can refill your water tank, empty your waste tanks and top up with propane. Propane usage can increase significantly as temperatures fall. When the mercury drops into the low minus 20 range, it's possible that you may need to refill your propane every other day. Monitor your propane usage daily and never let the level go below 1/4 tank. Know in advance where you will be able to top up the propane tank along your route and fill up at every opportunity.
Inside of a CanaDream Winter RV

Planning your winter vacation and renting a winter RV is as simple as visiting our website or chatting to one of our knowledgeable call centre agents. Our website has information on winter rv rentals and destination ideas in our winter itineraries. Learn more about our custom-built winter RVs at and book your 2021-2022 winter safari today.

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