November 15, 2021

While summer is the preferred time for most to experience Canada at their own pace, there's a growing interest in Winter RV Rentals in Canada, as the freedom, spontaneity and convenience of a short winter break in an RV gains popularity, along with the magical memories it brings.

Cards on the table ... a winter RV experience isn't for everyone - but for those who have experienced it, there's no other way to do it. So, what makes an RV ideal for short winter breaks?

Gathering around the campfire on a winter RV trip
Winter RVing; crisp mountain air, blue skies and the freedom to follow the snow!
  • It's convenient! Your hotel room, restaurant and rental car are rolled into one neat package.
  • You're not limited by what you can take or the weight limits imposed by airlines. Pack your RV at your own house and throw in anything else you simply can't travel without. Your choice!
  • If you have to travel anyway, you can avoid long airport lineups when you rent a winter-ready RV for your trip.
  • You make your own schedule and can change it easily if circumstances require it
  • You're not subject to last-minute airline cancellations or overbooking of flights
  • You can travel in an RV without proving you've had both your COVID shots.
  • If you love skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities, many ski resorts allow self-contained RVs to camp overnight ON THE HILL. That means you can be first onto the new powder in the morning. Check out the offers from our RV ski safari partners.
  • It's easy to move on to the next ski hill if the conditions aren't great where you are. No bookings to cancel, just leave.
  • With the pandemic still in full swing, RVing remains one of the safest ways to embark on a winter break
  • It's a great way to visit your family in winter. We know you love the in-laws but descending on them with the whole family can be stressful for everyone. With an RV parked outside their house, you can cosy up with the extended family for those special meals and retreat to your own hotel on wheels when you feel the need for some space. Best of all, there's no issue with drinking and driving!
  • Winter RVing gives a new meaning to cozying up with your significant other. The shared experience of snuggling under warm blankets, hot chocolate at hand, watching the snowfall are things memories are made of
  • It's affordable. Winter RV rental rates are significantly cheaper than during the rest of the year.
Man in red jacket sliding on ice
Blue skies, snow capped mountains and serious winter fun - Photo courtesy of Michael Overbeck

Find out more about winter RV rentals in Canada by visiting our website or chatting with one of the knowledgeable Cast members in our call centre and book your own short winter RV break today.

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