Early birds get the best deals for RV vacations in 2023 - check out these great offers.
It's never too early to start planning that dream RV vacation for 2023. We're making it easy for you by offering great deals on RV rentals and throwing in some bonus offers so you can take advantage of our best pricing.

In addition to offering a 8% discount off our already low rates (not valid for pickups between 19 June and 27 August), you can choose one of the four bonus offers below. 
Standard terms and conditions apply.

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Choose 1 from 4 available options and save up to $750.00 on your 2023 Canadian RV vacation when you book by 31 January 2023.

Applies to pick ups from 3 April to 5 November 2023.

In addition, 
save 8% on our nightly Flex rate (pre-tax amount) when you pick up your RV between 3 April and 18 June OR 28 August and 5 November.  The 8% discount is not valid for pickups between 19 June and 27 August.

Linen Kits, Kitchen Kit, 1 Additional Driver & US Travel

This special includes:
  • One linen kit per person
  • Kitchen kit (cooking equipment, serving dishes, one set of dishes and cutlery per person) - 
  • 1 additional driver 
  • US Driving 
a total saving of up to $750.00. Savings will vary based on number of vacation nights booked.

Kilometre Package Special

Purchase a minimum of two 500km packages and save 50%.

The kilometre package special will save you 50% on each additional kilometre package purchased.
Minimum Savings of $187.

Unlimited kilometre Special

The Unlimited Kilometre Special will allow you to travel as far as you want at a 25% discount ($406.25) off our regular price.

The Unlimited Kilometre package regular price is $1625.00 for a maximum of 21 nights. Price for additional nights is $50.00 per night.  Additional nights are not eligible for the 25% discount.

One Way Special

25% off one-way rentals between our corporate locations.   Minimum 14 night rental applies.  This offer will save you up to $388.