From the wild Georgian Bay Coastline of pink granite to the white quartzite ridges of the La Cloche Mountains, sapphire lakes to majestic pine forests, Killarney Provincial Park's 645 square kilometres of unspoiled wilderness is a magnet for outdoor lovers seeking adventure without crowds.

Prior to the opening of Highway 637 in 1962, the Killarney Park area had been set aside as a wilderness preserve, accessible only by water. The 67km road connected the village of Killarney to the Trans Canada Highway making it easier to access the preserve. Its eventual transformation into Provincial Park status is owed to the conservation effort of artists. The hills and lakes around Killarney were popular for painting and sketching with several members of the Canadian Group of Seven working there.

Killarney offers an abundance of backcountry camping and adventure opportunities along with front country experiences such as stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, canoeing and camping.

With only the George Lake campground and few other options for camping in the area, it's a good idea to book your RV camping spot in advance. You can then take your time exploring in your RV before settling down for the night.

In 2018, Killarney became the first Ontario Park to be awarded status as a Dark-Sky Preserve - its skies being still pristine and superb for stargazing. A visit to the Killarney Provincial Park Observatory is a must for those interested in learning more about the night sky.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Hiking
  • Stand-up Paddleboarding
  • Study the night sky
  • Eat Fish 'n Chips
  • Swim in Topaz Lake

A hidden gem in the Ontario Parks System

Escape to the backcountry amidst spectacular scenery as you experience Killarney Park. Hike or canoe to where no roads go and become one with nature. See why this area has long capitvated artists, so much so they were instrumental in having the Ontario Government make it a park. Two words describe Killarney - breathtakingly beautiful!

Video courtesy of Ontario Parks

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