suggested tours: Great North


Eagle flying with salmon - Stock photo

Golden Circle

The Yukon has pristine rivers and lakes; endless forests teeming with wildlife; and a fascinating Gold Rush history that is so close, dance hall music can still be heard. Our Golden Circle tour takes from 6-13 days to complete - rent a motorhome from CanaDream and experience Whitehorse and the Yukon at your own pace.

Duration: 6-13 Days
Total Distance: 606 km/379 mi
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Amazing Northern Lights - Yukon   

Northern Lights Adventure
So wonderful, so magical, the Northern Lights are a gift to those who live in Canada’s north and Alaska. This heavenly light show shoots green lights this way and red swirls that way as a curtain of white, shimmering light dances before you. And, when the conditions are just right, you can hear them crackle. A rented RV from CanaDream is the perfect way to experience them for yourself.

Duration: 16 Days
Total Distance: 3193 km/1998 mi
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Yellowknife, NWT     

The Deh Cho Connection and more
Deh Cho is the Aboriginal name of the Mackenzie, the broad river that sweeps north from Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean, carrying waters from a quarter of Canada—the bigger-than-life lands drained by the Slave, Peace, Liard, Athabasca and a hundred more untamed waterways. This is the world of the Deh Cho Travel Connection, true wilderness where big rivers rule.

Duration: 12-26 Days
Total Distance: 3000-5400 km/1875-3375 mi
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