January 21, 2021

It is pretty clear that the year ahead is not going to be the fast return to normality that we hoped and longed for. Travelling as we knew it in 2019 might just take until 2022 to find momentum, for people to feel safe and for global destinations to reopen.

The impact on everyone is considerable and we are all looking for ways to stay positive, help each other, be kind and find happiness in the simple things in life.

For families with children, the complications are greater. It doesn’t make a difference whether they are 5 or 15, they are all adapting to a different kind of routine at home, for school/home schooling, and in their social life. All vastly different to what they previously knew.

We believe there is no better way to reconnect with your children and for them to recharge than on an RV vacation.


There is something about the simplicity of camping that brings everyone together. Medical experts will put it down to a chemical release, driven by excitement, anticipation, and the hope of adventure. Going camping in an RV unites the family in one vehicle for the journey to and from the destination and provides a safe environment for total relaxation.

CanaDream RV’s are prepped and prepared to the highest standards so from the minute you pick up, your vehicle is already protecting your family. With kitchen, bathroom and dining space, everything you need is right there. In rain, snow and sunshine you have the luxury of space, heating/air conditioning, protection from the elements and a comfy bed for everyone.

So why is an RV road great for kids. Here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. Increased time spent outside.
    Whether its kicking a ball outside the RV, building dens in the forest, going out on a bike, playing in the lake or building a campfire, it's almost impossible for a child of any age not to be drawn outside when you are surrounded by awesome landscapes. Being outside in nature increases exposure to the sun and therefore increases Vitamin D and serotonin levels in the body, which is a helpful ingredient to improving moods, general health and reducing anxiety. Kids might not realise the science behind this, but the smiles on faces, the dirty clothes and mucky boots will tell the story. Choose your campsite carefully.
    Note: Messy clothes and dirty bodies can all be washed in your RV!
  2. Reduced time on gadgets.
    Whilst the ultimate question “Will there be Wi-Fi?” needs to be answered, we know that even with unlimited data or high-speed Wi-Fi, once you take your child out of their normal surroundings and present them with outside adventures, phones, laptops and tablets do get cast aside (or put on charge) for outdoor time. Even with the most challenging of children clinging to their device, we know what starts off as “I don’t want to”… progresses to “this is boring”…and soon becomes “I’m not ready for lunch". If you present the opportunity, the most amazing transformation will take place. Be patient, don’t force and gently encourage.
    Note: In a CanaDream RV there are plenty of power sockets to charge all your devices while driving and whilst the kids are out playing!
  3. Improves bonding.
    Fact. With young families this is not usually a challenge as siblings play well together when they are younger. But come the ripe old age of 5-15, hanging out with your brother or sister isn’t really that cool, often completely forbidden by some siblings and usually involves a slammed door or two! Well, take your family out on an RV road trip and there are fewer doors to slam. Suddenly, with no encouragement, your kids are playing Uno round the dinette table, sharing funny stories about friends, demanding for their music playlist to be next and happily sharing giant bags of popcorn and chips… something you’d not seen for years. This extends to playing volleyball outside, heading to the lake to hire a paddleboard or to go into town to get an ice cream together. You’ll be asking yourself “why has it taken an RV road trip to make this happen"? The answer is simple, it’s the RV environment that makes it happen.
    Note: Do not expect this level of sibling bonding to be maintained when you return home -  but you will have photographic and video evidence that it really happened.
  4. Improves sleep.
    There are two sides to this one:
    a. Kids who don’t sleep enough at homewe know and hear all the time that kids who are frequently up during the night at home manage to sleep through the entire night on an RV vacation. The most common reasons are due to the kids being thoroughly exhausted through being outdoors, lots of fresh air, exercise, stimulation of new things and, when it’s lights out time, they fall into a very deep sleep in a super comfy bed, snuggled up with their favourite teddy.
    b. Kids/Teenagers who could quite easily sleep all day are nocturnal – getting these kids up to go out and do stuff like swimming in the lake, hiking, bike riding or just exploring the location, also find themselves tired. Plan an activity every day, relax round the campfire at night or play some games in the RV and, by 10pm, there will be yawns and claims of being tired. They’ll head off to their bed and think they’ll watch a movie on Netflix…but before long they’ll have fallen asleep getting a much deeper sleep than at home.
    Note: CanaDream RVs have over-cab beds which are loved by kids - big and small. They make a perfect den for dinosaurs and dolls and for Facetime catch ups with BFFs.
  5. Improves happiness.
    CanaDream rarely sees grumpy kids at drop off. After a few days outside doing activities, being with siblings and parents, and sleeping well, kids are sorry to be handing back their RV and for the fun to end … but keen to talk about how much fun they had.
    Note: CanaDream loves Guests to share photos on social media. We're a pet friendly company - Guests can bring their dog or cat and this is super fun for kids too.

Above all, an RV vacation can be the perfect opportunity to let kids be kids.

So, why not start planning a vacation, get the family involved and all have something to look forward to?

CanaDream has great Early Booking offers and you can save by planning and booking campsites and attractions with our CanaDream Club partners.

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