July 15, 2022

More and more nowadays, air travel has become a huge gamble as a reliable method of travel. Flight delays have hit an all-time high this year. Delays and full cancellations are being experienced nationwide.
No matter what an airline says, there are no promises. Making it to your destination is most important, and there is no guarantee of that these days. You booked the trip for a reason, right? And it doesn't matter what the reason is, you should be confident that you will make it there.

Additional security and health safety measures, staff shortages and other factors have increased arrival and wait times exponentially. A local 1–2-hour flight used to save hours of travel time, validating the need for a short flight. You can scrap that thought now; flight delays are the new norm. With domestic pre-flight arrival times now reaching a minimum 2-hour requirement, these short flights have turned into at least a half day of travel. Tarmac delays, departure delays, baggage fees, lost luggage, and the constant overbooking of flights have helped highlight the need to consider better travel options.


The solution? Book an RV for your vacation. Avoid Canadian flight cancellations and book the local holiday you have always talked about. So many people seem to say "I've always wanted to go, but never have" or “I’ve plenty of time to see my own country when I’m older”. I may be generalizing a bit, but I can tell you I have heard it more times this year than I can count. So let's talk about how you can enjoy this beautiful country while avoiding air travel and all the flight delays. With RV travel, the only delays you might experience are in the form of traffic lights.

When was the last time you sat down and looked at your Canadian travel destination bucket list? Now ask yourself how much time I have, how much space I need, and am I bringing a pet? Here enters your RV vacation. The Google yellow brick road is full of inspirational suggestions for travel but CanaDream can help narrow things down for you. RV travel provides all sorts of conveniences that you may have never recognized.
Here are a few:
  • Speedy pick-up and drop-off
  • Visit multiple destinations without packing and un-packing repeatedly
  • Total freedom to change plans as you travel
  • Taking your pets with you
  • Being able to cook for yourself
  • Taking in everything the journey has to offer at your own pace
  • No special license is required to drive an RV 
  • Experienced travel professionals to help plan your trip

Now the bucket list. How many destinations are you looking at? Do you need help with travel suggestions? CanaDream has many different vacation ideas mapped out all over Canada for you. These trips have been experienced and enjoyed ourselves. You can start by browsing our destinations section, or head right to all our trip itineraries. 

These are my personal three favourite itineraries right now. bay-of-fundy-Newsletter-Banner-(1).jpg

Whatever the RV type, planning your adventure is always the best part. Let's ditch the airport shuffle and flight delays with air travel this summer and enjoy Canada at your own pace. Find beauty in the local adventure!

CanaDream has been renting and selling RVs for over 25 years. That's 25 years of trials, testing, and advising  Guests globally about the amazing Canadian vacations available. Now all you have to do is pick your RV type and book. The advantage of booking now? You will enjoy a free night on us! 

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