Ontario is home to one of Canada's most visited attractions, Niagara Falls, and this in itself is a great reason to visit. But Ontario is much more than Niagara Falls.

It’s a province of contrasts from grassy lowlands in the north to fertile farmland in the south. All of the Great Lakes, bar one, touch Ontario’s coastline and those lakes, together with more than 250,000 smaller lakes, contain about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. Summer temperatures can soar above 30C while winter brings extreme cold.

Ontario has a rich history, the land being originally occupied by Aboriginal people and, beginning in the 1600s, by French and British settlers. Today it’s a multi-cultural province where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a wide range of landscapes and activities suitable for all ages and tastes.

Yearly weather average
Dec - Feb
-3° / -7° C
Mar - May
-2° / 19° C
Jun - Aug
15° / 27° C
Sep - Nov
2° / 23° C

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