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November 29th 2021

If RVing is for you, and you want to see the Canadian wilderness in all its winter glory, you may pause to consider whether heading out on the road in winter is safe at all. Having done this many times ourselves, we believe that the safety of any vacation lies in how you prepare beforehand.

Thankfully, when you rent a winter-ready RV from CanaDream, we’ve done all the hard work in prepping the RV for your winter road trip and you just need to think about where you plan to travel, what you need to pack and a few other things you need to be aware of when RVing in winter. Whether you’re a first-time winter RVer or a seasoned veteran, our guide to planning your first winter RV trip is for you!

Let’s start with the easy stuff. A CanaDream winter RV is a true four-season motorhome, enabling you to use all facilities including water in temperatures as low at -30C (-22F). To enable four-season use, this RV is specially equipped with double-pane windows, heated and enclosed holding tanks, upgraded sidewalls and flooring, larger propane capacity, and extra coach batteries – all designed to keep you comfortable while traveling in colder weather. In addition, CanaDream provides Guests with fleece sheets, extra blankets, roof vent isolating cushions, thermal curtains and cushions, a winter cab blanket, a portable electric heater, a snowbrush, tire chains (where legally required) and an emergency supply of anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid.

So, what does that leave for you to do? Whether your winter destination is a ski safari to various resorts in Canada or a Christmas visit to the Grandparents, the most important thing to do is to prepare for the unexpected. While you’ll be cosy and warm inside your RV, the clothing you bring needs to also keep you warm outside. Start with a breathable base lawyer then add a variety of mid layers before considering what you need as an outer layer. At minimum, you’ll need a waterproof jacket, waterproof gloves, a warm hat and warm socks. Remember that it may take a while for these layers to dry inside the RV so keep this in mind when deciding on the quantity of clothing to pack. Consider packing slippers for inside the RV so you can ditch those wet boots and still keep the feet warm!

For your comfort, CanaDream is happy to provide Guests with additional blankets on request or you can you bring your own. The winter season brings shorter days so be prepared for extended periods of darkness and pack a headlamp, so you have a hands-free means of seeing outside obstacles when it’s dark. Remember to also pack extra batteries for the flashlights and chargers for all your digital devices.

You’ll most likely want to sit around a campfire – after all, this is part of the camping experience – so it’s a good idea to pack fire starters to get that campfire going quickly! Bringing a supply of firewood is also recommended in case your campground doesn’t have any. Speaking of campgrounds, plan in advance where you are going to stay and make sure the campground will be open. Check out the services it has available – can you empty your waste tanks there in the winter and can you refill your fresh water tank? Where will you be able to refill your propane en route?

Think about what you are going to eat on your vacation. CanaDream winter RVs are equipped with a convection microwave and/or propane oven, along with a fridge which operates off the coach battery so you should be able to cook just as you would at home. Bring a combination of fresh and dried/canned food that won’t go bad and don’t forget the treats … there’s nothing better than s’mores over a campfire! We’ve also got some great dishes and recipes for winter rv road trips that you might like to try whilst on the road.

Packing your essential bathroom items is a no-brainer – there’s plenty of room in the bathroom to store these. Hiking equipment and a walking stick might come in handy if you’re into long winter walks and snowshoes are a must if you’re heading into the wilderness.  Pack a hairdryer - it's amazing how many alternative uses you can put it to.

Safety is paramount on all RV trips, but doubly so in the winter. Your cellphone most likely travels with you everywhere and a back-up GPS might be an option if you’ll be out of cell coverage a lot. You may also be thankful for packing a paper map if your sense of direction and your digital devices fail you!

Evenings can be long in winter so pack some board games or playing cards as a fun thing to do. They can be a godsend on a boring day.

So, now that you’ve read this guide, we should add that there are a few extra precautions RVers need to take to ensure a trouble-free winter vacation. It’s important to manage your RV resources, particularly if you don’t plan to be connected to shore power on your trip. And finally, one last tip.  Park your RV in the sun wherever possible and take advantage of nature's warmth to help keep the inside of your RV warm.

Canada has acres of wide-open wilderness waiting to be explored. Whether you’re planning to visit ski resorts, go dog sledding, ice skating in iconic Canadian places, ice fishing or just simply chill out, an RV is ideal for a short winter break. Find out more by chatting with our knowledgeable Call Centre agents or checking out the great offers for winter RV rentals in Canada on our website and book your own winter RV vacation today.

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