April 3, 2020

Only two months ago, we were all going about our daily business, planning our 2020 vacations, weddings, looking forward to our school and college graduations – completely oblivious to the unprecedented times we are now experiencing.

People and communities are banding together to help flatten the curve through social distancing and isolation. While we know there is a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, the length of that tunnel is, as yet, unmeasured.

The coronavirus pandemic is creating challenges for us all. Challenges in working from home with kids around, challenges in self-isolating with family members who may be high risk and challenges with long shifts and commutes just touch the surface of the things we may be juggling on a day to day basis. As a provider of RV rentals for over 25 years, CanaDream and its Cast members are here to support its communities in any way we can during these less than ideal times.

Whether you own your own motorhome or are considering a rental, RVs have the versatility to be where you need them to be. Right now, this makes them a perfect solution in so many situations:

  1. Self-isolation. If you work on the front line and don’t want to mix with family or housemates during the COVID crisis, a RV might provide the separate space you need.
  2. A home office. If you’re working from home and need to have private space away from distractions, an RV parked in your driveway can give you that space.
  3. Accommodating the elderly in your family. Perhaps your elderly parents have moved in with you to be safe during the pandemic. An RV can provide the Granny or Grandpa space you may need.
  4. Rest space at work – with social distancing, staff may need additional rooms to have a break – RVs are great substitute lunchrooms!
  5. On-site living space. Whether you are a shift worker or someone with a long commute, an RV parked close to your workplace may provide a much-needed space to get sleep when you can.
  6. Urgent travel needs. If you need to reach a destination and can’t or don’t want to fly, an RV can provide you with a mobile house on wheels to get you there.

If you or your organization are in need of a fully equipped base from which to work or live during the COVID19 crisis, we are here to help. We have RVs designed for Canadian winters. While temperatures are still cold, we can offer units suitable for use in below freezing temperatures with running water, shower and toilet.  See here for more details. These units are perfect for locations where winter runs on that little bit longer.

We can deliver to your mobile location for a fee. For more information, contact us at booking@canadream.com.

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