(Applies to pick-ups until 2 April 2022)

CanaDream is happy to offer transfers from the airport or from CanaDream listed airport hotels, for a small charge per booking. Transfers will be operated either by a CanaDream shuttle bus or by a private taxi service.

Transfer charges per booking each way:


To Airport/
Airport Hotel
From Airport/
Airport Hotel
Guest Charge   Cost $ Cost $
 Halifax CanaDream Shuttle 10  10 
 Toronto CanaDream Shuttle 15    15 
 Montreal CanaDream Shuttle 55  55 
 Edmonton Private Taxi 40  40 
 Whitehorse Private Taxi 15  15 
 Vancouver Private Taxi 30  30 
Calgary Private Taxi 25  25 
Transfers should be booked and paid at time of RV booking.
Transfers can be added on after the booking, prior to the day of pick up by:
  •      Online during the check-in process
  •      Contacting our call centre
On day of pick up:
  1.  Guests should call the pick-up station the day before pick up or after 8.00am on the morning of pick up to get their allocated check-in time and to confirm their transfer.
  2.  Guests will either
  • be told by the station the time to be ready for the CanaDream shuttle and where to meet it, or
  • be told by the station the taxi company contact details for the Guest to book their own taxi transfer at the time to get them to the station for the allocated check-in time.  The Guest does not pay the taxi company.

Luggage Restrictions:
  • Guests  are allowed 1 large suitcase and 1 piece of hand luggage item per person.
  • Note: Due to space restrictions in the CanaDream shuttle, we cannot guarantee the transfer of bikes, large sports equipment or excessive luggage. Guests with more luggage or bikes and bulky items should make their own transfer arrangements.
  • Guests taking the taxi service should order a taxi with the right capacity to accommodate the number of Guests and their luggage.
Travelling with Pets
Please note that Guests travelling with pets are required to arrange their own transportation to and from CanaDream.  We are unable to carry pets in our transfer service.


(Applies to pickups on or after 3 April 2022)

Subsidized transfers will no longer be available from 3 April 2022, except in Montreal.  Guests will need to arrange and pay for their own transportation to and from the RV pick-up location.  Subsidized transfers will still be offered between our Montreal location and the airport or airport hotels at a cost of $60 plus tax each way.  This service must be pre-booked and paid for in advance.  Note that Guests with pets must arrange their own transportation.  Luggage restrictions will apply as above.